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Coffee - Banter Coffee House, Manly
Coffee Feature

Coffee, Break Fluid – Week 10, 2018

Last week I discussed the topic of just how much I pay for my coffee. A topic that has brought to my mind another interesting little thought when it comes to price. The issue seems to be more pertinent…

Coffee - Coconut Coffee House, Ormiston
Coffee Feature

Coffee, Helps Me Adult – Week 9, 2018

It is getting close to 18 months since I first started truly exploring what is out there in the way of coffee. Over this time I have learned a significant amount about coffee, some of which has taken time…

Coffee - St Coco Cafe, Daisy Hill
Coffee Feature

You Had Me At Coffee – Week 7, 2018

For quite some time I had been a little hesitant to share about my coffee on this blog. To me, this blog was about travel, and that is what happens when you physically transport yourself to a new destination.…

Grinders Woolloongabba
Coffee Feature

Grinders Brew At Home Class

Ever since I discovered a genuine appreciation for coffee, I have looked for ways to find out and learn more about coffee. Most of this education has come from reading in books, the internet and also talking with those…

Coffee - Noego Coffee Co, Ormeau
Coffee Feature

Coffee, Where Ya Bean! – Week 6, 2018

I wanted to do something a little different when sharing my coffee this week and decided to go with a theme week. So having a little think about the idea, I decided that I would follow the theme of…

Coffee - The Def Chef, Dubbo
Coffee Feature

Coffee, Just Drink It – Week 5, 2018

We love visiting a cafe for our coffee because it is made using fresh beans on a quality machine that should give us a great tasting coffee. However, the machine itself can be a factor in just how good…

Brisbane Coffee - The Single Guys Coffee Co
Coffee Feature

6 Favourite Spots for Coffee in Brisbane CBD

Over the past year, I have been exploring coffee all over Queensland’s Great South East. Over the time I have had some great experiences along with the somewhat average ones. But I have been pretty happy as long as…

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