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Noosa National Park - Rocky View
Destinations Feature

Taking a Walk at Noosa National Park

The Sunshine Coast to the north of Brisbane is a rather beautiful part of the country. There are extensive areas of the national park to hike, mountains to climb and beaches to enjoy. Although I honestly do not get…

Tamborine Mountain - Coastal Views from Palm Grove Section
Destinations Feature

Tamborine Mountain Day Trip From Brisbane

Tamborine Mountain is one of those locations that brings back memories for me. As a child, it was the destination for weekend drives on many occasions. I can recall the walks along Gallery Walk or be sitting and watching…

Canberra Road Trip
Destinations Feature

Road Trip Brisbane to Canberra Summary

Travelling by road in Australia is often the longer and more time-consuming option. However, it is also the option that gives you a much greater appreciation for the countryside. The trip that I took was outlined in a short post…

Wellington - Mt Victoria Lookout View

Exploring Wellington, New Zealand

Recently I have been sharing some experiences that never made it to the blog when they happened. My visit to Wellington, New Zealand in October 2015 is one of those posts. After the Geocaching Mega event in Christchurch, I…

Christchurch - Governors Bay

Exploring Christchurch, New Zealand

When I visited New Zealand in 2015, I spent the majority of my time in Christchurch. The primary reason for my trip to the area was to attend a Geocaching Mega Event in the area known as Kaiapoi. I…

Sunnyside Railway Bridge near Tenterfield

Road Trip Brisbane to Stanthorpe

There are some short trips that I have taken in recent years that I have not share through this blog to date. I wanted to get around to resolving this and get everything up to date ready to head…

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