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Canberra Road Trip
Destinations Feature

Road Trip Brisbane to Canberra Summary

Travelling by road in Australia is often the longer and more time-consuming option. However, it is also the option that gives you a much¬†greater appreciation for the countryside. The trip that I took was outlined in a short post…

Planning A Road Trip
Feature Travelling

Road Trip From Brisbane to Canberra

Taking some time and getting on the road to see the Australia countryside has been on my mind for some time. The reality is that booking a flight is often all too easy when you are travelling between cities,…

Survive Long Haul Flights
Feature Travel Tips

Long Haul Flights And How I Survive Them

Pinning down the actual definition of what a long haul flight is can be difficult. Some airlines define the difference between short, medium and long haul based on distance. While other airlines determine it based on the aircraft. However,…

Budget Ideas when shopping for souvenirs
Feature Travel Tips

Budget Ideas When Shopping For A Souvenir

There are very few tourist attractions that I have visited that do not have somewhere to buy a¬†souvenir. Just what you can expect will vary between attractions. But there is not doubt that they are a way that many…

Wellington - Mt Victoria Lookout View
Destinations Feature

Exploring Wellington, New Zealand

Recently I have been sharing some experiences that never made it to the blog when they happened. My visit to Wellington, New Zealand in October 2015 is one of those posts. After the Geocaching Mega event in Christchurch, I…

First Morning In Vancouver
Feature Travel Tips

How Travel Isn’t As Bad As You Think

It was somewhere around 9.30 pm local time in Vancouver, and I was sitting in my first hotel on my first every overseas trip. Some thoughts were running through my head, but the main one, “What am I doing…

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