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Sunset - Gold Coast Spit, 5th February 2017
Feature Photography

Favourite Sunsets From 2017 Part 2

Last week I shared with you some of my Favourite Sunsets From 2017 Part 1. In that post, I shared with you four sunsets from Cleveland Point throughout 2017. Today I will be sharing with you another five sunsets…

Weekend Photo & Writing Challenge
Feature Photography

A Weekend Photo Writing Challenge

Recently I have shared a couple of different posts here about short walks I have taken with my camera. Where I find an area and visit it with my camera to capture the walk. I thought it sounded like…

Sunset - Cleveland Point, 2nd April 2017
Feature Photography

Favourite Sunsets From 2017 Part 1

I recently shared a post where I shared some of my Favourite Sunsets From 2014. In this post, I decided to make a little assumption without having fully worked through the following years. I expected that I would have…

Sunset - Cleveland Point, 7th April 2015
Feature Photography

Favourite Sunsets From 2015/2016

Last week I shared a post that contained a collection of sunsets that I capture in 2014. I hope that you enjoyed that post as today I am sharing with you another collection of sunsets. These ones come from…

DJI Phantom 4 Flight

Deciding And Purchasing A DJI Phantom 4 Drone

Being a photographer, I am always keen to look at different ways that I can capture a photo. In recent years one option that has caught my attention is that of aerial photography. Primarily using a drone with a…

Mount Rainier Peak

Patience And Capturing The Perfect Photo

Being a photographer is far from an easy gig, depending on what you are photographing there are numerous different skills that you need. To be fast yet calculated in capturing the key moments that matter. There needs to be…

Storing Photos While Travelling

5 Ways For Storing Photos While Traveling

Capturing the moments that matter when traveling has never been easier. Cameras are reasonably cheap and make it very easy to get great quality photos no matter your experience level. The greatest challenge comes when you look at storing…

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