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Downtime by the swimming pool
Feature Travel Tips

Schedule Downtime When You Travel

Have you ever returned home after taking some time off and travelling, only to feel like you need another holiday? While travelling can be one of the most amazing adventures, it can also be one of the most draining. A…

Feature Travel Tips

Patience Is A Virtue When Travelling

I am sure that most people have probably heard the phrase “patience is a virtue.” While few people probably know that this probably dates back to the fifth-century poem “Psychomachia.” The poem outlined seven heavenly virtues and seven deadly…

Early Morning Foggy Roads near Stanthorpe
Planning Travel Tips

My Experience Balancing a Road Trip

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting in the car and heading out on the open road. You might be heading off on an unplanned adventure or following a detailed route. Taking a little time to research…

Lessons You Learn Travelling The World Money
Travel Tips

Travel Money Tips & Tricks Accessing Cash

Travelling the world can be difficult to do without money. While it is possible to pre-pay for many of the bigger items such as flights, hotels and even tours. There are also many smaller items that just have to…

Survive Long Haul Flights
Travel Tips

Long Haul Flights And How I Survive Them

Pinning down the actual definition of what a long haul flight is can be difficult. Some airlines define the difference between short, medium and long haul based on distance. While other airlines determine it based on the aircraft. However,…

Budget Ideas when shopping for souvenirs
Travel Tips

Budget Ideas When Shopping For A Souvenir

There are very few tourist attractions that I have visited that do not have somewhere to buy a souvenir. Just what you can expect will vary between attractions. But there is not doubt that they are a way that many…

Early Morning Sunrise
Travel Tips

Don’t Plan An Early Start Without A Plan

Over the past few months, I have been revisiting many of my early posts from this blog. There seems to be something of a recurring theme that I have noticed in many of the posts. At the time of…

Enjoy Travel Tropical Island
Travel Tips

5 Steps To More Travel In Your Life

To some people, the idea of travelling is a built in nature, almost like it is just a part of the day to day life. However, for other people travel does not come quite so easy. The act of…

First Morning In Vancouver
Travel Tips

How Travel Isn’t As Bad As You Think

It was somewhere around 9.30 pm local time in Vancouver, and I was sitting in my first hotel on my first every overseas trip. Some thoughts were running through my head, but the main one, “What am I doing…

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