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Early Morning Foggy Roads near Stanthorpe
Planning Travel Tips

My Experience Balancing a Road Trip

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting in the car and heading out on the open road. You might be heading off on an unplanned adventure or following a detailed route. Taking a little time to research…

My Advice for Planning a Long Overseas Trip

Advice For Planning A Long Overseas Trip

When was the last time that you took a holiday where you travelled for more than one or two weeks? How about a holiday that required booking multiple flights or hotels? How about planning a holiday that is long than a…

Self Guided Exploration

Deciding To Book A Tour Or Explore Alone

I have been faced with this challenging decision many times while travelling. The choice between booking a tour and knowing what I will see and getting out there exploring on my own. At times it can be an easy…

The Art Of Planning An Overseas Trip

The Art of Planning An Overseas Trip

How do you travel? With a lot of planning, or just go with the flow and deal with each step along the way? I suppose each of us has a different take on the best way to travel, and…

Geocaching As A Tour Guide

Geocaching As Your Tour Guide When Travelling

I have briefly touched on Geocaching before on this blog (here). Geocaching is an outdoor activity that uses the whole earth as the playing field. For this reason, it is a fantastic hobby to take up especially when you…

The Stress Of Planning

The Stress Of Planning

Although planning a holiday can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. You spend time reading brochures and saying what if we go here, of what about going there. Then you finally finish it off with…

Wellington New Zealand

New Zealand – Getting It Booked

Later this month I will be heading across the ditch to visit New Zealand. The trip has been on my mind for a few months. However, I just had not got around to doing anything about booking it. Since…

Booking Europe 2012

Booking Segments 1-3 Europe 2012

Originally I had planned to have all of my bookings complete by early February. Alas, that did not work out as planned. However, I can confirm that I have completed booking the majority of the first three stages of…

Planning Europe 2012

Final Outline For Europe 2012 Trip

** Note: 2016 Update. The below post is a summary of five original posts for booking the five stages of my Europe 2012 trip. I made the amalgamation of posts when I transitioned from to in January 2017…


Europe 2012 Planning & Booking Options

I am sitting down to write this post for the third time now. To get something published and share about my upcoming trip to Europe. Primarily I have faced a couple of self-imposed challenges in getting anything planned and…

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