Coffee and Travel very much go hand in hand for me. When I am travelling I am always on the lookout for new and interesting places to get coffee. Wanting to try coffee from different roasters and origins whenever I possibly can.

Cafes & Coffee Roasters

Whether I am at home in Brisbane, QLD, or travelling near or far I am always looking for a spot for a good coffee. I have found my fair share of great cafes and many great coffee roasters throughout my search. Over time I am planning to build a listing with my favourite cafes and coffee roasters right here.

Coffee Origins

Too many people coffee and where it comes from does not matter in the least. For those who like their coffee, the origin and the flavours can be a big part of the experience. While there are around 70 countries that produce green coffee beans, somewhat fewer than this produce commercial quantities. I do want to share some information about different coffee origins and below are some of the more common countries.

Weekly Coffee Updates

I am literally visiting new coffee shops each and every day. Even though I do enjoy drinking coffee, I also do this to share about the places I visit with everyone. On a daily basis, I share images that I capture of my coffee and the cafes that I visit. Then once a week I will share a cumulative post of these here on this blog. I will aim to keep the links updated below or just search this site for coffee.

Coffee Books & Magazines

I come across different books that are related to coffee in my travels. I will progressively add some of the titles that I find here. If you wish to buy the books I would very much appreciate if you want to use the link provided. The links might provide me with a commission for products sold, which will go towards the running of this site.

Coffee Utensils

Like the books and magazines above, I sometimes come across useful things to do with coffee. I will endeavour to add some of those things here or on linked pages. Again some of the links to specific products may provide me with a commission for sales.

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