Trip Logs

On this page, you can find a link to a summary of each trip that I have taken. If you click through on the title of a trip you will find a page with a summary of each country and city visited. Where I have them available I will include the statistics for the trip that I have available.


Trip 1 – Melbourne – March 2010

The first time that I headed off on a trip by myself. I flew to Melbourne for eight days to explore the city and to take the first real break from work in 9 years.

Trip 2 – Round The World – October 2010

I got a taste for travelling after travelling to Melbourne earlier in the year. So when I got a little bit restless with work I organised six weeks off. I started with a plan to visit three cities and end up visiting six and going round the world.


Trip 3 – USA & Panama Canal Cruise – April/May 2011

After enjoying my time in the USA last year, I decided to visit and explore a little deeper. In the process of planning and booking, I end up booking my first cruise. Over eight weeks I got to see and explore an amazing collection of countries and cities.

Trip 4 – North America & TransPacific Cruise – August/September 2011

It only took one cruise for me to enjoy the way cruising allowed you to travel. A rather good thing having booked this cruise before departing on my last cruise. There were some aspects of this trip that I booked in conjunction with the following trip in 2012.

Trip 5 – New Zealand – December 2011

I had the opportunity to visit New Zealand for two weeks. While I did have a small amount of time to see some of the area around Auckland the trip was primarily for work.


Trip 6 – Round The World & Transatlantic Cruise – March/April/May 2012

Wanting to explore and see a little more of Europe this trip gave me a great insight into a number of countries and many cities. Plus it also allowed me to cross off the second great cruise journey across the Atlantic. An amazing journey covering 80 days and some 19 countries.


Trip 7 – New Zealand – October 2015

I took the chance to return to New Zealand for two weeks to attend a Geocaching Mega Event in Christchurch. I got to explore a little of the area and finished the trip with a visit to Wellington.


Trip 8 – South Pacific Cruise – February 2017

A friend asked if I would be interested in a cruise and of course, I was more than happy to say yes. Over 10 days I visited four ports in two countries.

Trip 2 – Coming Soon…


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