Photography is a big part of life for me both at home and when I travel. All it takes is a look through the archives of this blog to see my love for photography. Almost every post from on the road while travelling is filled with photographs I have captured.

One of the primary reasons that I enjoy photography is sharing the images with people. Sharing my work I find has many different benefits. It can be as simple as sharing what I am doing and where I am with friends and family. While also giving some people the ability to see and hear about a place that they may never get a chance to visit.

But also I like to inspire others to travel the world or explore their own backyard. People are so often surprised by what is just around the corner from them. You can live in one place for years and discover new and hidden gems that you never knew were there. For me, that is something that photography has helped develop.

Sharing More Than Photos

The simple act of sharing a photo for me is just the beginning. Through this website, I will always be looking to share the photos I capture. But I also want to look more in-depth and share some of the knowledge I have around photography.

It could be as simple as sharing a little bit more about the equipment that I use. That is one big topic all by itself. Maybe it is some of the techniques that I use to capture the images I share. Or some of the information that I find myself constantly searching for or referring to. Essentially a repository of information that I find useful and I hope you will as well.


Cameras – Canon EOS M3 | Canon 6D | GoPro | DJI Phantom 4

Sound – Zoom H5 | Rode VideoMic Pro | Rode Lapel Mic

Basic Knowledge

Exposure Triangle (Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed) | Memory Cards

Advanced Techniques


Reference Material


Further Reading


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