Daily Quotes

There is nothing more exciting to me than opening a book and seeing the author has included quotes at the beginning of each chapter. In some cases, the quote is just that a quote and there does not appear to be any direct relationship. But in some cases, the quote is right on target and matches the topic and theory behind the chapter perfectly. Almost like the quote inspired the chapter when in fact, it likely worked the other way around.

Daily Quotes

But alas there is not always an opportunity to read a book. Often when you do you might get through multiple chapters on one day and see a bunch of quotes in one block. Then go a few days without seeing any at all.


This is why I also love another place that you see quotes a lot, on the page-a-day calendar. Which of course gave me an idea, as I love to share quotes that I find motivating, uplifting and inspirational. I wanted to share a daily quotes with you each and every day.


Each and every day I want to build you up, motivate you and encourage you to be better than you were yesterday. Using the profound words of the masters past and present.


Ask Questions

Together with being inspired, motivated and uplifted by quotes, I also want to encourage you to ask questions. Each day I will also share a question, something that might give you pause, to contemplate the answer.

There can be many benefits to asking questions, they may not always be answers you want to share. But I encourage you each day to at least answer the question for yourself. Sometimes the answer may come freely, and it will feel like you already knew the answer. While other times you may have to push to find the answer.

If you feel that you want to feel free to share the answer. Also don’t feel like you have to share. All I want to do is give you something to contemplate. The answers you find may not always be what you want to hear. But more often than not they will be the answer that you need to hear.

A great way to approach an answer that you do not specifically feel is right is to ask yourself another question. Why? And keep asking yourself the question “Why?” until you find the root of why you feel that is not the answer you were looking for. In my opinion, it is better to get an answer that you were not looking for than to get a false answer, that does not help you.

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