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IG: Charles Darwin Greenhouse

If there is one great way to travel without a plan it is while holding a book full of interesting places you can visit. This is just what I did in England when I set out with no plan in mind, but on the first day joined English Heritage and spent the next week following from historic site to historic site.

While there were plenty of castles and Roman ruins, one that I never even considered as a place to visit was the home of Charles Darwin. Of course the research conducted by Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution are famous and of course, made up part of the school curriculum in Australia.

However, it is people and places like this that you never expect to be maintained let alone somewhere that you can visit. So it was with some interest that I took a walk through the house and gardens of where once Charles Darwin conducted his research. This, in particular, was quite a nice greenhouse on his property, although I do not believe I could actually go inside.

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