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Berlin - Berliner Mauer (East Side Gallery)

Exploring The City of Berlin, Germany

Today was my second and last full day to explore Berlin. If there is one thing I would have changed about the trip having experienced it now is to give myself more time here. Berlin has a lot to…

Berlin - Brandenburg Gate Nighttime

Exploring The City Of Berlin By Bike

Today is the first of just two days that I have to spend in Berlin. There is no doubt over the past century Berlin has seen a great deal of pain and suffering. While the memory of this is…

Berlin - Landwehr Canal

Travelling From Vienna To Berlin

I started my day in Vienna, Austria and finished the day in Berlin, Germany. I was up around 6 am to get ready and get down to breakfast at the hotel. Before starting the journey to the Airport around…

Booking Europe 2012

Booking Segments 1-3 Europe 2012

Originally I had planned to have all of my bookings complete by early February. Alas, that did not work out as planned. However, I can confirm that I have completed booking the majority of the first three stages of…

Planning Europe 2012

Final Outline For Europe 2012 Trip

** Note: 2016 Update. The below post is a summary of five original posts for booking the five stages of my Europe 2012 trip. I made the amalgamation of posts when I transitioned from to in January 2017…


Europe 2012 Planning & Booking Options

I am sitting down to write this post for the third time now. To get something published and share about my upcoming trip to Europe. Primarily I have faced a couple of self-imposed challenges in getting anything planned and…

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