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Exploring The City Of Rome, Italy

Rome - St Peter's Square

One of the downfalls of choosing to take a cruise in the Mediterranean is the itineraries are generally pretty intensive. In fact after leaving Barcelona there was to be only 2 days at sea in the next twelve. The first two ports though were the longest days. First was Livorno (Florence and Pisa), followed by Civitavecchia (Rome).

Rome as a city probably has some of the most recognisable buildings in the world, getting to see these buildings and even go inside some of them was quite amazing. While the colosseum was a building I only got to see from the outside, St Peter’s Basilica was one I got to visit inside, and others it was just a view across the river from the window of a bus. I pretty much knew what to expect before arriving, as the drive from Civitavecchia to Rome is around 2 hours each way, and with traffic and everything that had to be fitted in, with only a limited time in port, there was only so much that could be seen.

The first part of the tour was purely a driving tour, which is really the best way to see all of the highlights of Rome without spending a lot of time walking. However as you can imagine this does not always work out great for being able to capture photos of some of the sights you are passing. However I will just pass through a few of the images that I managed to capture from the bus, I wish that they were better angles but they do still portray some of what is Rome.

Rome - Old Aquaduct

This is part of an Ancient Roman Aqua-duct which would have at one point been used to transport the water supply around the city.

Rome - Outer Suburb

An area in Rome we drove through on the tour.

Rome - Foro Romano (Roman Forum)

This is a section of the ruins of Foro Romano (Roman Forum) taken from Via del Circo Massimo.


Rome - Emmanuel Monument

Victor Emmanuel Monument in Rome. The challenge of capturing a shot in a moving bus was most challenging on this photo. Though we passed this monument twice, there was only a narrow window to catch the photo.

Rome - Beautiful Church on Tiber River

Heading towards the stop for lunch, I noticed this quite beautiful church across the Tiber River from where we were driving, and managed to capture a photo.

While a majority of the sights we saw on the tour of Rome were on a bus, there was one very interesting stop we made. It was a stop that actually involved crossing the border to another country, the country being that of Vatican City, for a visit to St Peter’s Basilica. While there was a line for entry and a large number of people, this really was a very beautiful church to visit.

Rome - St Peter's Basilica Entrance Hall

Before you actually enter the interior of the building, there is an outside entrance area, which is a very grand looking area in itself. There is plenty of marble and columns, and something to see from the floor to the ceiling.

Rome - St Peter's Basilica Interior

The interior of St Peter’s Basilica is immense, which really is not a surprise when you consider that it is the largest interior of any Christian church in the world.

Rome - St Peter's Basilica Inside Dome

This is looking up into the dome of St Peter’s Basilica; it is so difficult to convey scale in a picture sometimes. However you can see the letter around the bottom of the dome, these letters are around 2 Metres in Height.

Rome - St Peter's Square

A photo as I was leaving St Peter’s Basilica looking out towards the city of Rome.

Of course when it takes two hours to get from the ship to the city of Rome, it must take just as long to get back. This was really not a problem as the countryside is actually quite wonderful. The day in Rome really was a great day, and Rome is a city that I could easily return to and spend some more time seeing the highlights in a little more depth.

The final highlight of the day was the sail away from the dock in Civitavecchia, the sunset was really quite beautiful and I caught this photo with one of the other ships sailing away which had been in port with us today.

Rome - Sunset Sailaway

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