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Vancouver - Art - Inuk Shuk

There were very few specific locations that I still had as must do while in Vancouver. One thing that I wanted to share though is a look at many of the art installations around the city. I had already passed by some of these on my walks, but there is a number in other areas of the city. So I decided to rent a bike for the day and explore a little further.

Bike Rental

There are a number of places that you can rent a bike in Vancouver. I end up finding a little store along the harbourside, offering a 2-hour rental for $10. It has been quite some time since I have ridden a bike so thought this would be enough time. Of course, this turned out to be right and I was ready to get back to my feet in this time.

Vancouver Public Art

Vancouver has an extensive amount of public art. You come across different pieces in the most unlikely of spots at times. The majority of the art is the result of the Vancouver Biennale. A non-profit charitable organisation that exhibits great art in public space. You can read more on their website Vancouver Biennale. However, not all pieces are a part of these displays.

Vancouver - Art - Digital Orca You may have already seen this one earlier in the week. It is called Digital Orca and is located near the Convention Centre in Vancouver.

Vancouver - Art - Skin of Time Located not far from the foreshore this piece is called “Skin of Time” by Choi Tae Hoon of Korea. The whole outside of this sculpture is covered in small inscriptions.

Vancouver - Art - The Meeting A little further along the foreshore in Bayshore, there is a ring of crouching red statues, called “The Meeting”.

Vancouver - Art - Ceramic Form Not far from “The Meeting” is another Sculpture named Ceramic Form. By the looks of it, this is many brokenceramicc pieces put back together to form what you see here.

Vancouver - Art - Jasper Named Jasper, this is located on a corner of Robson Street. I am not entirely sure just what it’s supposed to represent.

Vancouver - Art - Artifcial “Artificial Rock”, definitely is as described, it has the appearance of a rock and is made of metal. So I suppose it technically is an artificial rock.

Vancouver - Art - A-maze-ing Laughter Called A-maze-ing Laughter, this is a group of, large, golden bronze colour statue’s in many poses all laughing. There are more all standing in a ring, but was difficult to capture all of them with people around.

Vancouver - Art - Inuk Shuk The Inuk Shuk was one of the symbols of the 2010 Winter Olympic’s held at Whistler. There are quite a few examples around and souvenirs in the image of the statue available everywhere.

Vancouver - Art - We This piece is called We and celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity. Through the use of many words from different languages to form the shape of head and torso.

Other Vancouver Sights

There were a few other sights that I managed to see while out on the bike today.

Vancouver - Burrard St Bridge The Burrard Street bridge

Vancouver - Grancill St Bridge The Granville Street Bridge

Vancouver - Granville Island Aquabus

The small Aquabus ferries while being cute also are a great way to get a different perspective on Vancouver. They serve two purposes, the first is to cross from Downtown Vancouver to Granville Island. With the second being getting around a number of stops along False Creek.

I made a late decision on just what to do tomorrow. The update will likely come fairly late compared to the last few days. However, it is something quite different and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

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