2016 Focus Area For The Year Ahead

2016 Focus Area Review

With 2016 fast approaching, many people will be making new years resolutions. Things like I want to lose X kilos, or I want to exercise more often. All too often these resolutions turn out to be somewhat short lived as life gets in the way.

In the past, just like this new years, I take a little bit of a different approach. Instead of setting a resolution that I will likely forget about. The plan is to lay out the area’s which I intend to focus on within my life for the next 12 months. There is a big difference between a resolution and a range of ways to focus your energies.

It was around 5 or 6 years ago on another blog I used to write, I shared something similar. At the time by sharing my focus items in a public forum helped me to achieve more in the year ahead. As such I am going to be very interested to see how this works out over the coming year.

Wellness define Wellness as

The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

For me, this is exactly what I want to pursue over the next year. By working on a number of different aspects which all contribute to my Wellness. This will include but may not be limited to,

  • The food that I eat
  • Physical exercise
  • Self education

In some ways I am already achieving in this area, but also some parts that require work. So the next year is going to be about focusing on these aspects that need work. Then sharing with you some of my results, tests, and outcomes.


Back in 2010, I took my very first overseas trip, which was soon followed by three more. However, since 2012, I have not undertaken much travel until the last couple of months. I would like to change this in 2016.

Presently I am considering a couple of different destinations to visit throughout 2016. While they are still very much in the early planning stages at the moment. They are something that I hope will fully develop and undertake through the year. As the details are not very solid yet, I will leave those for another post at a later date. But I will be quite surprised if I am not visiting another country before too long this year.

Collecting Experiences

Every day we move through life, experiencing many different things. But for the most part, they are experiences that are easily forgotten. What I am looking to do over the next twelve months is to collect twelve amazing experiences. Things that are a little more than the day to day things we easily forget.

I have some ideas for potential options, but there is nothing that I have fully committed to yet. These experiences could to a large degree depend on where I am at different times of year. For example, if I wanted to ski for the first time, I would need to be somewhere with snow. So it is just going to take a little time to see where I am and what I can find to amaze me. Either way keep a watch for 12 special posts which will cover these experiences.

So it is just going to take a little time to see where I am and what I can find to amaze me. Either way keep a watch for 12 special posts which will cover these experiences.


Geocaching is something that I have touched on briefly in this blog, and a hobby I have been pursuing since 2013. Moving into 2016 it is definitely a hobby that I will be continuing, and one that is great to pursue when travelling. At least around Australia geocaching has taken me to some amazing places that I would have never found otherwise.

For the coming year, I do also have a few goals that I am working towards here. However, that may be a little to much detail for this post.


Photography is an interest that I have held for a long time. However, it is also something that I have sort of let go a little of late. I really do want to get back to capturing photo’s, and sharing them with everyone. However, I need to get back to taking the photos I want to capture. Instead of trying to force something for other purposes.

At this stage, I think a lot of it comes down to motivation to get out there with the camera. So this is something that I will be exploring throughout 2016.

This Blog

I started this blog ( back in 2010. The primary topic being travel to share with my friends and family where I was and what I was doing. This has somewhat led to a rather small number of updates over the past three years. It is difficult to update a travel blog if you are not travelling.

However, while I may not have been posting on this blog, I do have a number of other blogs. Each of which focuses on a different area of my interest. As such this creates a lot more work, and I think segregates things too much. In 2016 I am going to bring all my interests back to the one blog, right here. Most of the topics you will see are mentioned above in the focus areas. So I am really hoping that you will stay around and read a little more about my other areas of interest.

Enjoy The 2016 New Year Eve Festivities

I think this about sums up where I want to focus my energy and attention in 2016. There is really just the one thing left to do in 2015. That of course, is to enjoy the festivities of the New Years Eve celebrations. Before getting right into things and seeing just what can be made of the new year.

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