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5 Steps To More Travel In Your Life

Enjoy Travel Tropical Island

To some people, the idea of travelling is a built in nature, almost like it is just a part of the day to day life. However, for other people travel does not come quite so easy. The act of travelling is not difficult, but the mental aspect of doing what is needed to plan, book and go might hold you back.

Today’s post though is for those people who just need that little nudge. Just a push in the right direction to get their travel dreams out of their head and into reality. If you are the sort of person that travels all the time, share this post with your friends who need to travel. If you are someone that does not travel much if at all, have a read and see if you can move just one step forward.

1. Dream

Dream To Travel

No matter who you are or where you want to travel it all starts with a dream. Well, it may start before this, but for you, the first time you realise that you want to travel it is dreaming of being somewhere different.

One day you might be thinking about life and suddenly realise you are thinking about visiting Japan or America. At first, you might brush the thought aside, but that thought that dream keeps popping into your mind.

It can be rather easy though to have multiple dreams that seem to be conflicting or wanting you to go everywhere all at once. It can sometimes take a little bit of work to pull out just which destination is the most prominent. But once you have got it, hold on to it for the next step.

2. Plan

At some point, you will need to start taking action on your dreams. A great time to do this is when one particular dream might start showing up in your thoughts over and over again. You may not even realise it, but instead of a whole lot of random places, suddenly one seems to stand out more.

At this point, you will want to start doing a little more to start working out just how you want to approach this. There are lots of questions that you can ask to try and get some more firm details down on paper.

– Where do you want to go?
– Is it somewhere local or far?
– Is it just one place or multiple places?
– How do you want to get there?
– Is it possible to be creative with the trip?
– Could you go via cruise ship?
– Do you want to go for a week or a month?
– Would you prefer a hostel or a hotel?
– Do you want to explore everything or just focus on one aspect of the area?
– How much time do you have?
– How much can you budget for the trip?
– Do you need to think about your family?
– Is there someone that would travel with you?
– Is this something you must do alone?
– Will there be a particular time of year you need to be there?
– Would an organised tour be better than exploring alone?

I could potentially keep going with more questions. But there is a good chance that you might already be getting overwhelmed. The great thing about the planning step is that you have all the time you need to work through it.

3. Book

Booking The Trip

Once you have taken some time and planned where it is you want to go. How you want to get there. Where you might like to say. How much you can afford and how long you want to go for. Then it comes down to booking it.

The third step is one that can be the most challenging for people because it is where it starts getting real. When you start taking steps to book your holiday in and start having to pay money to secure each of the aspects.

While you might have taken your time on the planning step. If you are ready to go, I will urge you not to hold back on the booking stage. I have planned a couple too many trips that just have not eventuated because I failed to book them.

Instead of having the plan in place and booking them I held back. There were various reasons, some more valid than others. In the end most of them I missed the chance. The good deal I found was gone, the price had gone up, the opportunity was time sensitive, and I missed it.

Ultimately if you are now ready to travel and you have planned a trip. Do what you need to do and get it booked.

4. Go

Go and Travel

The plan is in place, and the tickets and accommodation are booked. There is still a little bit to do, but that is all relatively easy stuff. You have to pack your bag and get yourself to the airport.

You have come this far there is a whole great big adventure ahead of you. Exploring and discovering a new place that you have seen in your dreams, brochures and on the internet. But now you get to go and get to experience it for yourself.

5. Enjoy

Enjoy Travel Tropical Island

The truth this last step should not be needed, it should go without saying. Once you are on the journey just enjoy the holiday. It is easy to find problems or things to make it seem hard or difficult. But seriously look at where you are, depending on where you were dreaming about it could be a fantastic place.

I have travelled to 35 countries, and right now there is not a single one that I would not return. Of course, there are some that I might not go back to right now, but in the future, everything is on the table, everything is possible.

So look at the good side of things and have a fantastic time travelling wherever you may end up.

Happy Travel

I hope that this little post might have inspired you or at least got you think about travelling. I know it is a little light hearted, but that is what travel should be. Travel to me should be a little light hearted and little fun. Giving you a story to share with friends and family. Why not scroll down and find the comments section below and leave a little comment sharing what you dream is.

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