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Vienna - Schloss Schoenbrunn Palace

When you spend more than a few days in a city, there is something that you have to keep a close watch. That is not getting complacent in how you spend your time in the city. At times you do not to take time out to relax and recharge, but I have found after almost a week Vienna is getting a little familiar. Although there is plenty more I want to see, I am also throwing time away a little.

In part, this is due to a late night yesterday. I had planned to attend a Couch Surfing event, which I arrived to find only myself and one other person came. So we still went out and got a drink, before continuing to explore the city by night and capture some photos. Meaning I went to bed late and woke up much later than I had hoped.

Exploring Vienna

Even with the late night though at least when I left the hotel this morning I had a plan for the day. I was to visit the Danube Tower, The Haus Der Musik, Mozarts House and Schloss Schoenbrunn Castle. However, with the late start, I did hope that I could fit all four into the day, aiming to be at the last stop by 4 pm.

Danube Tower

The day turned out to be a perfect sunny day with beautiful blue skies. My first stop was to be Danube Tower, I had attempted to visit this location yesterday, but it was closed for a function. But it turns out the morning visit is much better to get photographs over the city due to the direction the sun sets.

Vienna - Danube Tower

Even with the sun in a good spot getting photos over Vienna is not easy. There seems to be a great view but it is spoiled by what appears to be fog or smog, but I think the latter. The view is quite stunning in both directions along the Danube River, and you do get to see right across the city of Vienna.

Vienna - View of The Danube from Danube Tower Vienna - View of Vienna from Danube Tower

Mozart Museum

After coming back down to Earth and crossing the Danube back to the city, I found my way to the Mozart Museum. The location of the museum is one of the residences that Mozart occupied in Vienna. Even though he died at a young age some of his achievements were quite remarkable. Unfortunately, there is no photography allowed inside the museum, but I was able to get a photo of the exterior of the building.

Vienna - Mozarthaus

Haus Der Musik

The next stop was another one related to music, just in a little more general sense. The Haus Der Musik (House of Music was in some respects a little disappointing. The range of exhibits was rather mixed with some great informative displays. However, there were also many interactive exhibits that were either not working or not explained well. I enjoyed parts of the visit, but much could have been done to improve the experience.

Vienna - Haus Der Musik

Schloss Schoenbrunn Palace

I made it with time to spare for my last stop at Schloss Schoenbrunn Palace. The palace and gardens are very extensive and rather grand. The palace itself consists of 1,441 rooms and sits on 435 acres of land. I choose to take the grand tour, which includes and audio guide and takes you through around 40 rooms. Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed inside.

Once you get outside in the gardens, photography is another thing. There is quite a lot to photograph, and so much that is it just not possible to capture it all. In this case, I am going to let the photos share the story.

Vienna - Schloss Schoenbrunn Palace

Schloss Schoenbrunn Palace.

Vienna - Schloss Schoenbrunn Palace Gardens

One of some pathways from a fountain in the garden.

Vienna - Schloss Schoenbrunn Palace Obelisk Fountain

One of the numerous monuments in the gardens.

Vienna - Schoenbrunn Park Roman Ruins

Part of a former building on the site.

Vienna - Gloriette on hill behind Neptune Fountain

Night Photography

On my way back to the hotel this evening I decided to capture a couple of photos at night. The first is a photo of the main bridge which crosses the Danube River. With the second photo of a church near this bridge, Franz von Assisi Kirche (St. Francis of Assisi Church). I included a daytime photo of this same church on my first day in Vienna.

Vienna - Reichsbrucke (The Empire Bridge) Vienna - St Francis Of Assisi Church Night

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  • Eric || The Bucket List Project
    February 15, 2017 at 7:09 am

    Gorgeous pics, you are right, looks like it was a beautiful yet cold day. Vienna is definitely on my Bucket List if not for the Mozart Haus alone…however after seeing your pics the Schoenbrunn Palace and its gardens look amazing as well!

    • Joel
      February 26, 2017 at 6:41 pm

      I must agree Eric, Vienna became part of my trip since it was part of my Life List. I found it to be a wonderful city to explore. Especially some of the beautiful churches, including St. Stephens, right from the Catacombs to the top of both spires.

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