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Packing For Two Weeks

Packing For Two Weeks In New Zealand

This Saturday I will be heading off for two short weeks in New Zealand. One thing that I have been working to avoid this trip is packing everything at the absolute last minute. The last overseas trip that I took, the packing started less than 24 hours before I left. Which of course makes things slightly more stressed then they need to be at times.

The Packing List

Although I tend to pack at the last minute a little too often, I do always create a packing list. Often I include a little more on this list, but my theory is better safe than sorry. But at the end of the day, the list helps me remember what to pack. It does not always mean it all gets packed. What I include on the list,

  • Clothes – I don’t get specific with which shirts I will take, but I do with how many of what type of things I will take.
  • Toiletries – To make sure I don’t miss anything I list each of the different items I need in this bag.
  • Electronics – I include everything related to the item in this section. If it is a camera I also include the battery, charger and memory cards. Likewise, for my laptop, I include the charger. It is the extra associated items that are often the things you want to remember.
  • Documents – Even though electronic is often the way to go these days, I tend to carry a printed hard copy of each booking I have, and keep this on the list as well.
  • Carry On – The little things you carry with you when travelling, also get a mention.

Having a list to work off can make things a little easier and save a little bit of the stress of packing even at the last minute. However, there can still always be that nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe you forget something.

Time Is Irrelevant

Possibly the biggest thing that I have found over the time when I am packing for a trip is that the length of the trip does not matter. Whether the trip is for one week or ten weeks, everything still fits into the same bag. Things which you may use up over time, you don’t take more, you buy more along the way.

Although packing for two weeks is quite nice, especially when you are mostly going to be all within roughly the same climate zone. One thing that can be a struggle is packing for both warm and cool climates, needing to take jackets and warmer clothes that you will only use for a small part of a trip.

Almost There

So with the packing out of the way, there are just a couple more days before leaving for New Zealand. I have travelled quite extensively, but this trip is a little daunting. With this the first trip away in over three years. I am sure it will all be fine, and it is going to be a lot of fun sharing some stuff from on the road with you.

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