The Story Of My Photography

To capture a photo is to freeze a moment in time.

When it comes to photography it is something that has been a part of my life for quite a long time. I got my very first camera when I was 9, and although I may not have always used my camera every day, have owned one or more ever since.

My first camera was nothing more then the most basic point and shoot film camera. It really had no features at all. No zoom, no flash, and did not even automatically roll forward for the next image. It is possibly these lack of features to some degree helped me in learning a few things and I am somewhat glad that this is where I was able to start my photography journey.

Over there years I have owned many different camera’s, from the point and shoot film camera, a Kodak Advantix, and a number of different point and shoot digital camera’s. Eventually stepping up to and owning a number of different Digital SLR camera’s.

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