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Planning And Organising For Europe

Today is the 19th of December and not at all long until the next overseas trip that I have planned. In fact, it is just 79 days until I will be heading to the airport to fly out to Europe. That means now is a great time to get started on finishing the planning and organising for the trip.

At this point, I have done almost no planning and still have a lot to get organized. Although I would love the idea of just taking things as they come, that is not the sort of person I am. I am looking forward to a successful well-planned trip, without the chance of much going wrong.

What Is Planned

I have some of the key elements of the journey planned and booked. These include

  • Flights from Brisbane to Europe
  • Flight from Europe to the USA
  • 29-night cruise from the USA to Europe.
  • Flight home from the USA
It might stand out that this is not the most cohesive itinerary, and is missing some relatively large chunks.

The Major Parts To Plan

So from the above list, most of the long haul international flights are booked. There are two main gaps in above plan still to be booked.

  • A Flight from Europe to Canada after the cruise
  • Travel from Canada to the USA for the flight home

Once these two parts get booked, there will only be minor internal travel in Europe and the USA. Along with the accommodation pre and post cruise.

The Minor Details To Plan

When it comes to travel I suppose no detail is minor, they all share some importance. But this is the stuff for pre and post cruise, things like

  • Actual routes to take for before and after the cruise
  • Hotels for before and after the cruise
  • Transport for before and after the cruise
Some of them are probably major things since I am hoping for no surprises along the way. But either way, there is a considerable amount of time for planning and organising here.

What Level Of Planning

From my previous trips, I know that I enjoy the journey much more if it is all laid out from the start. The less that I need to do while on the road, the happier I will be. But also the more disconnected from being present on the trip.

My goal is to have all of the travel and accommodation booked before leaving. I am happy to work out sightseeing along the way but may consider booking some tours as well before leaving. If there is something that I just cannot book before leaving I will consider taking notes on a couple of options.

Time To Get Started

There is no point talking about the planning and organising that I need to get done, though. I am best just to get started with it. My goal is to have the majority completed by the 8th of January. At the very least a plan where I just need to research and book the most appropriate options.

Be sure to watch the blog for more updates, and connect with me on social media via the links below.

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