Port Call – Exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik - Old Walled City

Today my cruise is visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia. The visit to Dubrovnik is the only port in Croatia, and I must say a breathtaking spot it is. Dubrovnik wraps itself around the coastline of the Adriatic Sea and many mountains on the coast. Of course, this position does allow for some very dramatic scenery.

I decided to take a tour with the cruise line here, to maximise my time and what I could see. It does make it easier to see the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik, which is around 15 minutes away from the port. In the end, I am glad that I made this choice with five cruise ships in port today.

Old Walled City Of Dubrovnik View

The tour bus made one stop before heading to the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik. The stop was a great lookout with a great view of the Old City. Below is the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik, but the views in all directions are spectacular.

Dubrovnik - Old Walled City

Inside The Old Walled City

The first stop was just a quick one, and soon it was back on the bus to head down to the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik. The tour entered the Walled City via the Western Gate, and it is here you can see just how thick the walls are. I had mixed feelings as I entered the city. There was a disappointment at seeing just how many people were here. However, at the same time the spots the walking tour visted were very interesting.

Dubrovnik - Old Town Gateway

The Old Walled City of Dubrovnik is described as the best preserved walled city in Europe. As you look around, everything obviously looks old, but still in reasonable condition. When you look around all, you see a whole lot of history and character. Something that you often do not find in most cities these days.

Dubrovnik - Old Town Cafe

Exploring On My Own

The walking tour does make a couple of stops before we had some free time to explore. While some people opted to walk the city walls, I was surprised at how many people just sat around. I was not letting an opportunity to explore a city go and headed off to see what I could find.

One of the standout features that I discovered was the church below. The Church of St Ignatius is quite a striking building from the outside. It is also a rather beautiful church on the inside as well. I could not photograph inside unfortunately as they were preparing for a ceremony.

Dubrovnik - Old Town St Ignatius Church

The Old Walled City of Dubrovnik has been a beautiful place to visit. However, it is not just the city that offers some incredible scenes. The whole surrounding area is beautiful, and Croatia is an area I would like to explore more in the future.

Dubrovnik - Franjo Tuđman Bridge

End Of The Cruise

Tomorrow around lunch time the MS Nieuw Amsterdam will arrive into Venice. The final port on what has been a fantastic voyage that started 28 days ago in Fort Lauderdale. The 15 ports in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia have offered some amazing experiences.

With a late arrival and a tour booked, I am not certain how my time will work out. If I have a chance, I will post about my first impressions of Venice. However, if not there will be a post the day after, as I may like to take advantage of the last day aboard the ship as well.

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