Exploring The USS Midway In San Diego

San Diego - USS Midway Flight Deck Towards Stern

For my second day in San Diego, there were two main things planned. In the morning I was to visit the USS Midway, and for the afternoon I would take a cruise on the harbour. Well, one thing worked out, and one thing did not.

USS Midway

The USS Midway is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that served the United States Navy for an unprecedented 47 years. The USS Midway was decommissioned in 1992, and 2004 opened as a museum ship in San Diego.

I would highly recommend a visit to the ship if you are ever in San Diego. Even without a huge interest in Naval history, I found myself onboard for over three hours. However, I think for anyone with any interest a whole day could be filled looking around the ship.

Interesting Facts

There are some rather interesting facts about this ship. The USS Midway was commission just one week after the end of World War II in 1945. For the next ten years, she was the largest ship afloat and the first US Aircraft Carrier that was too large to transit the Panama Canal. While this is a rather large ship itself, it is dwarfed by the ships which have since replaced it. I will leave you with a few pictures from my visit.

San Diego - USS Midway Stern San Diego - USS Midway Sleeping Quarters San Diego - USS Midway Dining San Diego - USS Midway Anchor Chains San Diego - USS Midway Flight Deck Towards Bow San Diego - USS Midway Flight Deck Towards Stern San Diego - USS Midway Model

Harbour Cruise

After visiting the USS Midway, I had planned to take a harbour cruise. The cruise would last around two ours and explore to the north and south of the harbour. But things come unstuck after I got delayed slightly. It turns out I did not read the information accurately, and I arrived just minutes after the last cruise departed for the day. I had mistakenly thought there was one other cruise an hour later. But not to worry I will be on the first harbour cruise in the morning.

Couch Surfing Event

The last thing on for the evening was to attend a San Diego Couch Surfers Event. It was a good small event, and I got to meet a couple of local people. However, I did not find that it had the same energy or connection between attendees that I found in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I will not be here for another event that is on in jut a few days. But might be able to attend one when I return after my cruise.

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  • Liz Irvine
    April 21, 2011 at 1:35 am

    wow what a ship !!!!! I think i would become a little hemmed in staying on that ship.

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