Sydney Chinese Garden Of Friendship

Sydney - Chinese Garden of Friendship

Today is to be the last day in Sydney and the last day on what has been quite an incredible journey. Crossing the Pacific Ocean by cruise ship has been a fabulous experience and one that I hope to repeat in the future. I have had a chance to meet some amazing people on this trip and ones that I hope to remain in contact with into the future.

In saying that today I find myself able to get into exploring a city on my own again which I am looking forward to. I do very much enjoy exploring with friends but also find that I go a little slower than when I am on my own. Sometimes this does work out well, and even though we move slower, we see more. But at other times it also leads to indecision in the group, and we don’t get very far at all.

Chinese Garden Of Friendship

The first place I wanted to visit today was the Chinese Garden of Friendship. It will be the third Chinese Garden that I have visited on this trip, and each of them did have some unique differences. The garden is located near to the area known as Darling Harbour and is the most extensive of the three gardens I have visited. I must say it is a very beautiful slice of tranquillity in what is the middle of a very busy city.

Sydney - Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney - Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney - Chinese Garden of Friendship

ANZAC War Memorial

After leaving the Chinese Gardens, I headed across the city to Hyde Park. I did visit this same park yesterday just getting to see the bottom end of the park. But did not get a chance to visit the ANZAC War Memorial at the top end of the park.

Sydney - ANZAC War Memorial

Sydney Harbour

I found some lunch on the way to taking a little walk up onto Sydney Harbour Bridge. Along with working out the best way to fill in the time between now and getting to the airport. I managed to get the photo below of the view over Sydney Harbour from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney - View over Sydney Harbour from Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Observatory

I found a great spot to fill in the time I had available at the Sydney Observatory, which is not far from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is a museum here that showcases the tools and history of observing the stars. The entry to the self-guided tour is free, and it is a rather interesting way to spend a couple of hours. Plus there are some very nice older buildings here as well.

Sydney - Sydney Observatory

Eventually, it was time to make my way back to the hotel to collect my luggage. Before finding my way to the station and catch the train to the airport. Even though this trip is now officially at the end, I do have another trip in the planning for next year. So keep watching for updates on how the plan is going and just where I will be visiting. Spoiler, it may include a cruise crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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