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Grand Canyon

Looking Back – First Time Overseas

When I look back at the last year, it ‘s hard to believe that just 12 months ago is the first time I travelled overseas. In fact, the 12-month anniversary was the 10th of October, just three days ago.…

Hong Kong - Kowloon Park Reflection Pool

Exploring Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

I have enjoyed my time in Hong Kong, but today is the last day for in Hong Kong and for my trip. I slept in a little this morning to try and help with being awake later tonight to…

Hong Kong - Sam Mun Tsai Fishing Village

Hong Kong The Land Between Tour

Today I had booked another tour, which I would have cancelled after the experience of the tour yesterday. However, this particular tour had been recommended to me by a family member that lives in Hong Kong. So I had…

Hong Kong - City View

Exploring The City Of Hong Kong

My original plan for coming to Hong Kong was to use the first afternoon to plan and book some activities. However, with the delay in the flight leaving London, I arrived much later than expected. So after finishing up…

Kensington Gardens - Statue

Travel Day – London To Hong Kong

Today I have travelled from London to Hong Kong or the first leg of getting towards home. However, there was still a couple of hours this morning to take a walk. I headed into Kensington Gardens, which are connected to…

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