Exploring Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Kowloon Park Reflection Pool

I have enjoyed my time in Hong Kong, but today is the last day for in Hong Kong and for my trip. I slept in a little this morning to try and help with being awake later tonight to board the flight home. In the end, I did not push myself too much today instead grabbing the last souvenirs and gifts I wanted for people. Before heading to Kowloon Park for a walk and some photos.

Harbour City

Although I found plenty of souvenir shops and was able to quickly pick up what I wanted. Well, not exactly what I wanted, but there was enough choice to find something suitable. But that is not a problem as they worked out much cheaper than I expected as well.

The next stop was the Harbour City Shopping Centre. I had found a great bookstore here called PageOne. While they do compare to some bookstores at home, they seem to stock a more interesting range of books. That did not translate into them having the specific books I wanted. However, I did find a couple of books that were of some interest. But I did have to keep in mind the weight limit for the flight home, so purchased less than I may have.

Kowloon Park

One of the last spots in the city that I knew I wanted to visit was Kowloon Park. The closest comparison to Kowloon Park in Brisbane would be the City Botanic Gardens. Although Kowloon Park is a little small at around 33 acres (City Botanic Gardens Brisbane is 49 acres). But even though the size is smaller they seem to have fit a lot more into make a great green space in this city of concrete.

Not only are many different areas of the park with different types and varieties of plants. There are also some different wildlife habitats, for both birds and fish.

Hong Kong - Kowloon Park Flower Bed

Another feature in Kowloon Park is a Bird enclosure and they do have a few different and interesting birds in this enclosure, one of them being the Rhinoceros Hornbill.

Hong Kong - Rhinoceros Hornbill

Another interesting feature that I found in Kowloon Park is the variety of sculptures. Along one walkway, in particular, I found 15 along each side. But there are also many others placed individually around the park as well.

Hong Kong - Kowloon Park Sculpture

Another beautiful feature of the park is the ponds and waterfalls. They very much help to add to the tranquillity of the park. Something very much needed when you consider how busy and concrete the surrounding city is.

Hong Kong - Kowloon Park Reflection Pool Hong Kong - Kowloon Park Waterfall

Filling In Time

At this point, it was at that time where it was a little too early to go to the airport. But at the same time, it was too late to get into exploring much further. I found my way back to the shopping centre for a drink and a bite to eat. Where I also found myself capturing the setting sun over the cruise ship in port today, Star Aquarius.

Hong Kong - Afternoon Sunset

I also came across another sculpture; I just seem to be attracted to them today. Located in the Harbour City shopping centre, this rock sculpture appears to depict two warriors.

Hong Kong - Ocean Center, Kowloon Sculpture

Soon enough though I decided to head back towards the hotel to collect my luggage. Before heading onwards to the airport for the final leg of this journey back home to Brisbane. The flight turned out to be rather uneventful, which is how you hope every flight turns out I suppose.

With my arrival home in Brisbane, this brings to a close a fantastic 39-day adventure. If you would like to read more about any part of the trip you can find a summary of Trip 2 – Round The World

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