Travelling From Berlin To Manchester

Berlin - Panoramapunkt View

I started today exploring a little more of Berlin, before a later flight to Manchester, England. On reflection, my time in Berlin has just been too short and can say for certain it is a city I will return to one day. There is just so much more to see and discover, both in and bear to the city.

Best Laid Plans

There would some plans that I had made for the morning. However, they really did not work out, since the sightseeing does not seem to get started until 10 am. The result was making a choice between options before heading to the airport, rather than being able to fit in all that I had planned.t.

Berlin – Spree River Cruise

The option I decided on was a short cruise on the Spree River. Although this did not bring me to any particular new sites, it gave me a different view of the city. Along with a commentary that gave me some good interesting information that I would not have otherwise got.

It was an excellent opportunity to get some photos of a couple of places I had missed in walking. While also a lovely relaxing way to spend a little time here.

Berlin - Lock on the River Spree Berlin - Buildings along the River Spree Berlin - Cafe's and stores under train line


Something I have come to like visiting in different cities is the lookouts. I visited the primary lookout in Berlin a couple of days ago the TV Tower, which is pictured below. Even though Panoramapunkt is not high by most city standards, the general low height of buildings in Berlin allows a rather good view. Today was a better day for taking photos of the view and it is also beneficial that you are able to walk outside here.

Berlin - Panoramapunkt View Berlin - Panoramapunkt View

Earlier In The Week

Since I had a flight to catch I had to find my way back to the hotel and onto the Airport. So I just wanted to also share some of my images from earlier in the week.

The first is a fountain which is located at Alexanderplatz, not far from the TV Tower. The fountain is called the Neptune Fountain. It depicts Neptune the god of the sea in the middle, with found beauties around him. These four female statues represent the four rivers which flow through Berlin.

Berlin - Neptune Fountain Alexandraplatz

On my way back to the hotel last night I passed across what is called Museum Island. The Island is home to four different Museums. One that caught my eye with the lights on at night was the Bode Museum. The Der Deutschen Kunst (House Of German Art) also has something of a different look, but not quite as eye catching.

Berlin - Der Deutschen Knut Museum Berlin - Bode Museum

A building that has a rather interesting look to it is the Rathaus (City Hall) which is located on Alexanderplatz. It is a red brick building and does have quite a distinctive look to it.

Berlin - Rathaus (Berlin City Hall)

The time that I spent in Berlin was interesting. Now that I have visited the city it would have been good to allow a little more time. However, that just means that I have a good reason to return to the city in the future.


The trip from Berlin to Manchester did not turn out quite as planned. The flight was to leave Berlin at 4.30 pm and arrive in Manchester at 9 pm, with a short stop in London.

Well, we did depart from Berlin at 4.30 pm as scheduled and arrived in London around 5.45. The flight from London was due to depart at 8 pm. However, after boarding and waiting around 45 minutes on the plane, they announced there was a technical problem and that we would need to change planes. Eventually, we departed London around 9.30 pm and arrived in Manchester around 10.05 pm, just a little late.

Delay’s like this are the reason why I had booked a hotel for the night in Manchester. It is not a problem when you have connecting flights booked with the same airline. In these cases, they will arrange your onward travel. However, when you book onward flights with different airlines, I find it is better to be safe and give yourself plenty of time between flights.

So this post is going up a little bit late. I am also unsure if there will be a post tomorrow, it will depend on a number of factors, such as arrival time in New York and ability to access the internet.

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