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Today brings the month of April to a close and as such the first third of the year is gone. I know it is kind of terrible looking at it that way, but it is the reality. However, that means there is also some good news. There is still two-thirds of the year, eight months ahead of us to make full use of.

I was only up one day this past week heading out to capture the sunrise. But it turned out to be a great morning for the sunrise. My destination was Cleveland Point and the combination of low cloud on the horizon and some high cloud overhead made a great combination. I could not choose from some of the photos I picked out so sharing a few here.

Cleveland Point Sunrise Cleveland Point Sunrise Cleveland Point Sunrise

There have been a few good posts over the past week. I am so happy that I have been finally able to share a post from my time in New Zealand in 2015. This week it is a big day hiking at Godley Head. But as you might see from the upcoming posts for next week there is another post from New Zealand. So I hope you enjoy this round up for the week.

New Content

There have been a couple of interesting posts this week. Like last week I am glad to finally share another post that has been a while coming. This week it is one of my hikes from a trip to New Zealand in 2015.

Monday 24 April 2017
Making The Most Of Holiday Time

Holiday time

When we travel all too often we do not take time the time to fully appreciated where we are travelling. There is also more often a lack of time for rest and relaxation. So hopefully a few good point for you in here to help you have a better holiday.

Wednesday 26 April 2017
Hiking Godley Head – New Zealand

Godley Head

In October 2015 I headed to New Zealand for two weeks to attend the Christchurch Geocaching Mega Event. One day I joined a group of other Geocachers to hike and explore Godley Head.

Friday 28 April 2017
Future Travel Throughs For 2017

Future Travel Plans

The year it getting on a little and there is not much more than eight months to go. So I thought it about time I put it out there what I hope to try and get in this year. It might not all make it in but hoping that some of it will.

What I’m Reading

While it looks like I share a lot of content myself, I do also get a chance to read other people’s blogs as well. Below are just a couple of posts I found interesting and wanted to share with you.

Liem Barber Shop HCMC for a haircut and beard trim

You would think that getting a haircut is a pretty straight forward experience. I had never thought about writing a post about the experience, but then I do cut my own hair, so maybe there is a post there. Troy has managed to put a post together about getting a haircut in Vietnam and it is quite an interesting post.

One96 Hong Kong Hotel Review

I was scrolling through a feed on Twitter and this little hotel review caught my eye. I think it might have been the image that showed a rather nice looking hotel room with a great view. It is definitely a little bit different to my accommodation while in Hong Kong.

121 Things To Do In Rome: The Ultimate Guide

It is hard to imagine that this list of so many things to do in Rome comes from Med Cruise Guide. I know I would have loved to do a lot but when you cruise to Rome there is only so much time available. But it is still a great list to keep in mind for a ground-based visit to Rome. So much to see and so much to do.

Instagram Top Posts

Coming Next Week

Here is a short teaser for the following week on the upcoming posts. If you have any requests or thoughts on what you would like to read feel free to get in touch via the Contact Me page.

Exploring Christchurch, New Zealand

Back in October 2015, I visited the city of Christchurch in New Zealand as part of attending the New Zealand Geocaching Mega. In this post, I share some of the spots I visited and hope you will get to enjoy a little look at Christchurch.

How To Plan A Longer Trip

Planning a holiday can be a lot of fun and a whole lot of stress depending on how you approach it. The last overseas holiday that I took was a whole 80 days planned and booked before I left home. So in this post, I look at some of the steps that are involved in doing that.

2 Ways I Avoid Jet Lag When Travelling

Nobody loves the thought of a long-haul flight whether you are going to your destination or home. But there are a couple of ways that I have used in the quest to avoid the after effects of the long-haul flight, jet lag.

Enjoy The Weekend

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the posts over the past week as much as I have enjoyed writing them for you. If you have anything that you would like to share please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or get in touch through the contact page.

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