Travelling Vancouver To Seattle

Seattle - Pike Place Market

Today was quite an early start, with a 5 am wake up. I had all the packing finished last night and just had to find my way to the Vancouver Train Station. Like this morning I am heading from Vancouver south to Seattle.

Vancouver To Seattle

Getting to the station this morning I opted for a Taxi. It was a little more expensive, and I likely could have walked. However, being so early in the morning I decided on taking the quicker and safer option.

In the end, I arrived a little early to the station, but I prefer to be organised and early. The train journey takes around 4 hours and crosses the border between Canada and the United States of America. I was hoping to see some of the beautiful countryside along this route. However, there was so much fog even up to the arrival into Seattle around 11 am.

Even though I had all of my luggage, I decided on walking from the train station to my hotel. The hills were not something I had bargained for in this process. When I discovered the monorail around half way, I was happy to take advantage of this. It saved considerable time in the end and got me right near the hotel.

Seattle Walk

After checking into the hotel, I took the monorail back down to explore just a little. I wandered through some of the shopping area in downtown and across to Pike Place Market.

Seattle - Pike Place Market

I did not spend too long looking around and opted to head back to the hotel early. I have had a couple of big days and with the early start, today wanted some rest.

Seattle Hotel

The hotel here is more than I was expecting. It is a nice big, spacious room, with free wifi and free breakfast in the morning. The staff are so friendly and ready to help in any way they can.

Not a big update today. However, I do have a city tour booked for tomorrow to get out and see some of Seattle. As I only have around three days here I wanted to maximise my time.

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