Ipswich - St Paul's Anglican Church
Around Brisbane Feature

A Short Visit To Ipswich, QLD

While the Ipswich and the Gold Coast might both be located roughly 70km from home I tend to visit one a lot more than the other. The Gold Coast for some reason seems to be a lot more accessible…

Booking A Hotel? Do Your Research!
Bookings Feature

Booking A Hotel? Do Your Research!

There is no doubt that the internet has made it easier than ever to find and compare hotel deals. But the real question is how do you know you are truly getting the best deal? At different times there…

When Great Planning Falls Apart
Bookings Feature

When Great Planning Falls Apart

When it comes to planning and booking a trip, I have had both good and bad experiences. My fourth overseas trip was rather well planned with nearly 80 days of travel booked before leaving home. With every flight and hotel…

Travel Explored - Week 11 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 11 Round Up

When it comes to coffee there are many ways in which I think it fits in with travel quite well. It could be something about the wide variety of coffees that are out there or maybe the number of…

Time Zones, Daylight Savings & Travel
Feature Travel Tips

Time Zone, Daylight Savings & Travelling

When it comes to travelling unless you are staying near home you are likely to face some difference in the time zone. Whether that change is a simple one hour change for daylight savings or crossing the international date…

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