Starting Where You Are

Starting Where You Are, With What You Have

There is an overwhelming body of evidence that proves the best way to accomplish something is to start. All too often though it would seem there is a form of self-sabotage that stops us from starting. Whether we know…

2016 Focus Area Review

A Final Review Of My 2016 Focus Areas

At the end of December 2015, I set out some focus areas for myself in 2016. Today I wanted to review how successful I have been in these focus areas for the year. You may question why I am…

Mount Rainier Peak
Feature Photography

Patience And Capturing The Perfect Photo

Being a photographer is far from an easy gig, depending on what you are photographing there are numerous different skills that you need. To be fast yet calculated in capturing the key moments that matter. There needs to be…

Storing Photos While Travelling
Feature Photography

5 Ways For Storing Photos While Traveling

Capturing the moments that matter when traveling has never been easier. Cameras are reasonably cheap and make it very easy to get great quality photos no matter your experience level. The greatest challenge comes when you look at storing…

Why I Choose A Hotel When Travelling
Travel Tips

Why I Choose A Hotel When Travelling

There are many aspects of taking a trip overseas, from flights to tours, insurance, and luggage. However, from my experience one of the most important¬†aspects of any trip is choosing where you sleep at night. Whether it is going…

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