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The Magic Of Disappearing Time

Everything that we do has some level of time that is needed to make it happen. Whether it is the time that it takes to make a cup of coffeeΒ or the time to fly from one destination to another.…

Sun Princess - Departing Auckland

Three Weeks And Counting To Sun Princess

It seems like just yesterday that I booked a 10-night cruise in February. In fact, it was way back in May last year. Now there is less than a month to go till boarding the Sun Princess to cruise…

Starting Where You Are

Starting Where You Are, With What You Have

There is an overwhelming body of evidence that proves the best way to accomplish something is to start. All too often though it would seem there is a form of self-sabotage that stops us from starting. Whether we know…

2016 Focus Area Review

A Final Review Of My 2016 Focus Areas

At the end of December 2015, I set out some focus areas for myself in 2016. Today I wanted to review how successful I have been in these focus areas for the year. You may question why I am…

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