5 Countries I Want To Visit

Meguro River, Matsuno, Japan

In my life, I have been very lucky to be able to visit some of the countries and cities that I have visited. Many of the destinations that I have visited have been by choice, but some of have also been by a fortunate chance of circumstances.

Even though I have had the chance to visit 35 countries there are still plenty of other places that I would love to explore. But out of these places, there are five that particularly stand out to me.

In no particular order, they are Japan, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg and Mauritius. Let’s take a look at why these are particularly of interest to me.

1. Japan

Meguro River, Matsuno, Japan
Meguro River, Matsuno, Japan – Photo: Sora Sagano

Japan is one place that I am surprised I have not visited to date. Before I ever travelled overseas Japan was a place that I wanted to visit. There were a number of things that had got the idea in me including scenes like the one above.

If it was the right time of year the Cherry Blossoms would be great to see. But also I would like to visit areas like Mount Fuji and the more countryside areas. I think I would also like to experience some of the local culture and food as well.


Hamnøy, Norway
Hamnøy, Norway – Photo: Yuriy Garnaev

The one thing that really attracts me to Norway is scenes like the one above. When I visit Norway I think it will be by two of three ways that I will see the country. The first is some time on land exploring some of the small towns and villages. Then I would like to travel the coast either by cruise ship or coastal ferry. The biggest challenge would be trying to establish just where I would travel and what I would see.


Matkaniva, Finland
Matkaniva, Finland – Photo: Jukka Heinovirta

Honestly, I am not sure if my reasons to want to visit Finland are that much different to Norway. Although I do not believe that they share the same sort of coastal profile. The natural landscape would be a big part of what I want to explore.


Luxembourg – Photo: Jean Carlo Emer

Luxembourg is another one on the list in a similar way to Japan. When I was planning my trip to Europe it was one place that I kept trying to fit into my plans. However, due to the timing of when my cruise arrived and when my friend would be available to visit in Brussels, it just did not work.

I think that one of my main attractions to Luxembourg is similar to other areas of Europe. It is that old world charm exploring places that have been in many ways similar to what they are for centuries.


Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, Black River, Mauritius
Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, Black River, Mauritius – Photo: Xavier Coiffic

Mauritius was featured in a book that I recently read, and the way that is was described sounded beautiful. I do quite enjoy visiting smaller islands and had a chance to see some of the islands in the Pacific Ocean. I just love the tranquillity that comes with some island nations and would like to see if it is like that here.

Where Would You Go?

What are the places that you would like to visit? Do you have a list or have you managed to check many of them off yet? Why not leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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