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Meguro River, Matsuno, Japan

5 Countries I Want To Visit

In my life, I have been very lucky to be able to visit some of the countries and cities that I have visited. Many of the destinations that I have visited have been by choice, but some of have…

Keeping cash safe when travelling
Feature Travel Tips

Keeping Cash Safe When Travelling

A big part of travel is the experiences that we have along the journey. Some of those experience we cannot wait to be a part of, while some others we would definitely prefer to avoid. One experience that is…

The Extra Costs of Cruising

The Extra Costs of Cruising

If you are looking for a holiday that includes the essentials for your holiday a cruise can be a great option. When you book a cruise you do get a fixed price for your transport between ports, accommodation and…

The good and bad of solo travel

The Good And Bad Of Solo Travel

In my younger years travel was something that caught my imagination. Seeing somewhere different and experiencing something unusual. But when I finished my years of school in the year 2000 and moved into the workforce I did a total…

Geocaching, what's it all about

Geocaching, What’s It All About?

Geocaching is a hobby that I discovered back in 2013, and something that I have enjoyed over the years since. I do not always get the time or the motivation to pursue the hobby but it is something I…

Travel Weekdays

Travel Weekdays. But Do Your Research!

If you are looking for a short getaway the weekend is often the go-to time. But of course, because that is when everyone wants to travel it can be more expensive. So if you can at all make it…

Book A Tour Or Create Your Own Adventure

Book A Tour Or Make Your Own Adventure

There are three ways that you can choose to travel. The first is booking on a package tour, where all you have to do is get to the starting point. The second is to create your own itinerary, what…

The Cars of Kitten D'Amour

The Cars of Kitten D’Amour

Sometimes when you make decisions you don’t quite know why you make them but obviously there was a helping hand in making those decisions for you. Sunday was something like this for me. In past weeks I had visited…

Kangaroo Point - Brisbane City Skyline

5 Spots to Visit in Brisbane, Queensland

Over the years I have struggled to find words to write about my home city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It is likely a stage many locals go through when looking at their city. Where the city just seems…

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