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The Cars of Kitten D'Amour

The Cars of Kitten D’Amour

Sometimes when you make decisions you don’t quite know why you make them but obviously there was a helping hand in making those decisions for you. Sunday was something like this for me. In past weeks I had visited…

Kangaroo Point - Brisbane City Skyline

5 Spots to Visit in Brisbane, Queensland

Over the years I have struggled to find words to write about my home city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It is likely a stage many locals go through when looking at their city. Where the city just seems…

Considering The Right Time For Travel
Feature Travel Tips

Considering The Right Time For Travel

One thing that I have come to know about travel is that it can be very much a timing thing. Sometimes that is going to be getting the timing right for yourself on a personal level. At other things…

Why I Started A Travel Blog
Feature Lifestyle

Why I Started A Travel Blog

It was March 2010 and I had been working consistently for nine years give or take a couple of months. I finished my studies at the end of year 11 in 2000 and started working the next year. Besides…

Multiple Memory Cards & Batteries
Feature Photography

Multiple Memory Cards & Batteries

When it comes to memory cards and batteries these are two accessories that you must have for your camera. But what do you need and why do you need it? These questions maybe are not all that important when…

Vienna -Danube Canal
Destinations Feature

A View of the Danube Canal in Vienna

The very first day that I arrived in the city of Vienna was definitely an interesting experience. It was the third day of a journey that would take me across three continents, through 19 countries in 80-days. But at…

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Sunrise
Cruising Feature

A Sunrise In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The first time I decided to book a trip and travel overseas, I had no idea what my future travels would hold for me. I booked a trip to visit four countries, where the predominant language was mainly English.…

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