4 Hazards You May Face On A Road Trip

Road Trip Hazards

There can be any number of things that come up which can slow down or entirely change your plans for a road trip. While it can be disappointing sometimes, it just might take a little extra effort to keep going on your road trip. But that is the key to keeping going even if you have to work around small incidents along the way on the road trip.

1. Bad Weather

Road Trip - Bad Weather

It almost doesn’t matter where you are there is a chance of bad weather everywhere. Inclement weather also spreads quite the spectrum from a bit of rain through to roads being physically impassable due to snow.

There is not a lot that you can do to get around bad weather except to plan for all situations. A little bit of rain is easy enough to drive through, and it won’t hold you up to much. It might hamper your efforts to see the sights or such but is still just water.

If you are to find yourself heading towards a severe weather event, it is best to find somewhere to ride it out. Depending on just what sort of event it is you will need to make your choices on what action to take. But in most areas, it is possible to predict somewhat the type of event that might occur if an event is to occur.

2. Breakdown

Whenever you are driving there is always a chance that your car may breakdown. It is even possible that you could break down in the driveway at home. So travelling hundreds if not thousands of kilometres does have the chance of a breakdown.

There can be a couple of things you can do to minimise the chance of a breakdown and to assist if the worst does happen. The first thing I would suggest is to ensure a mechanic has recently serviced your car before leaving home. Ensure that you ask the mechanic to check anything that is more likely to cause a problem. Some mechanics might be aware of known issues or have a series of tests they do to identify any problem areas.

Another great option to check your car before heading off is to get a safety inspection done. Some mechanics may offer them, but more commonly I have seen them offered by tyre or suspension companies. They check the essential parts of your car for any potential problems.

Finally, it is a very good idea to be a member of an auto club. An auto club membership often includes a range of features from roadside assistance through to free towing. Of course, there will be limits on some of the inclusions, but it is a good place to start if you break down a long way from home. They often have various plans with different inclusions, so it is worth reading the options. They often also have agreements with other clubs in different area’s to ensure their members are always covered.

3. Roadworks

There are two types of roadworks that you will encounter when on a road trip. The first is the short-term sort that will often only hold you up for a few minutes anyway. They are there to fix something specific and do their best to keep the traffic flowing.

The other sort of roadworks are the long term projects that either slow you down or cause total traffic chaos. If you get caught in these, the only option is to be patient and ride it out. For the most part, they try to get you moving again, even though it may not seem like it.

On the other hand, some cities, states or countries have ways that you can look up roadworks. Especially long term projects you can potentially find the means to take a slightly different route that might avoid the road works altogether. In other circumstances, it may be the only way.

4. Traffic

Road Trip - Traffic

If your road trip takes you anywhere near any major city expect to run into at least some traffic. Cities, unfortunately, the traffic is almost guaranteed.

Some of the traffic you may not be able to avoid because it just happens without warning. However, there are times of the day when traffic might be worse, and you can avoid these times. Think about morning and evening peak hour, if you can avoid travelling at these times that will help.

Take a look at the different options for passing through or around a major city on Google Maps. There is a feature which allows you to get directions and select the time you will be leaving. For cities that you do not know this can be an excellent way to get an idea of what sort of traffic you may be able to expect. Of course, every city can be different from day to day, but getting an indication can be a good place to start.

Enjoy The Road Trip

There are always going to be problems, delays and hazards that you may come across. The best way to combat them is to be aware they exist and have some idea what you can do to avoid them where possible. If you cannot avoid them just be ready to ride them out, with some music, podcasts or something to keep you occupied. At the end of the day, it is all part of the experience, and I hope you enjoy the journey wherever it may take you.

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