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Road Trip From Brisbane to Canberra

Planning A Road Trip

Taking some time and getting on the road to see the Australia countryside has been on my mind for some time. The reality is that booking a flight is often all too easy when you are travelling between cities, especially in Australia. A road trip does take time and the further you have to travel the more days get taken away from the destination.

The distances between capital cities are somewhat high with travel times to match. In many cases, you are travelling for the destination and not the journey in between. Which is why the choose to fly is often the first reaction. But it is not without precedent that I have taken the slow route, having previously opted to cruise from Canada to Australia over flying.

Getting On The Road

The idea of getting on the road was something on my mind earlier in the year. I wrote a post title “Future Travel Thoughts for 2017” where I discussed a potential road trip. However, at the time I did not quite have in mind the trip that I will be taking over the next week.Road Trip - Traffic

Many times I have looked at the option of small road trips. But all too often they got postponed due to a lack of planning or more commonly smaller commitments that would crop up. On this occasion, the trip is going to go ahead and kicks off tomorrow morning. More specifically November 6th, 2017, depending on when you are reading.

Road Trip to Canberra

With a number of things aligning over the coming eight days I will be on the road. The plan will cover the southbound trip in four days, with one day in Canberra and three days back to Brisbane. Due to the compact time frame of the road trip, each overnight stop has been planned and booked before leaving. With the breakdown of the trip as following.

Day 1: Brisbane to Coffs Harbour – 391 km
Day 2: Coffs Harbour to Taree – 227 km
Day 3: Taree to Gosford – 243 km
Day 4: Gosford to Canberra – 352 km
Day 5: Canberra
Day 6: Canberra to Dubbo – 429 km
Day 7: Dubbo to Narrabri – 263 km
Day 8: Narrabri to Brisbane – 579 km

With the planned route the trip comes in at a total of almost 2,500 km. The time spent travelling vs. exploring each day was something we took into account when planning the route. With the last day heading home the most driving in one day.

Trip Updates

Looking back through the blog there is some time since I last updated on a daily basis. In fact, it was back in early 2012 when I travelled to Europe and America. I would hope that I may be able to share some updates along the way. The greatest challenge for me is travelling with other people on this occasion. I expect to find that some of the aspects of available time may be outside my control to accommodate everyone.

I expect that the best approach for me is going to be aiming to share one or two photo updates along the way. Leaving some of the more detailed updates for my return to Brisbane to ensure that I give you the best information I can. I will also be sharing a range of pictures via Instagram at Travel Explored and on the Travel Explored Facebook Page.

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