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A Morning Walk Around Caloundra

Caloundra - Pumicestone Passage Inlet

Over the past few years, I have found that Caloundra is a place I have stayed every few months. One of the reasons for this is because the Caloundra RSL puts on a free show that I like to go and photograph. But that means that I also get a chance to walk the area quite a bit as well. While there are some downsides to the area, by and large, it is a lovely place to walk, especially in the morning.

Coastal Pathway

Many times when staying in Caloundra I have found myself staying at the Oaks Oasis Resort. The hotel is located where North St and Park Pl come together and at this point is also a pathway through to the water. The path is called the Coastal Pathway and technically runs from Tewantin in the north to Pelican Waters in the south. While much of the pathway is already in place, there are still some sections to be completed.

Caloundra - Coastal Pathway

Below is the view to the south from the pathway looking out over Pumicestone Passage. As you can see it is a beautiful location to be able to walk, and there are plenty of lucky people that get to experience this every day.

Caloundra - Pumicestone Passage

Below is one of the signs that I found outlining the route that the path takes. I am unsure just how much of the path is signed like this, but it is relatively easy to follow. The sign also does highlight some of the features that you might like to stop at. But you do also find plenty of spots that you want to stop to take a look at as well.

Caloundra - Coastal Pathway Signage

The Esplanade Caloundra

There is one section of the pathway that you leave the water’s edge. But soon enough you are back following along the side of Pumicestone Passage, towards the ocean inlet. The next section is along this boardwalk that has plenty of spots to sit and take a break. No time for a break on this walk though, at least not until the coffee shop.

Caloundra - Waterfront Promenade

As you get closer to the inlet, the surf does get a little rougher. It is in this area that the afternoon before I spotted quite a number of kite surfers making full use of the high winds. There is a beach here that is semi-protected, but if you want to swim, I would still recommend looking for the red and yellow flags.

Caloundra - Pumicestone Passage Inlet

Caloundra Main Street

I was heading to visit a couple of local coffee shops so made a turn away from the beach and headed to the main street of Caloundra, Bulcock Street. The street is lined with shopping, cafes and restaurants over a distance of almost one kilometre. However, it is also unfortunately lined with many empty shops as well. While there are some gems along here, there is a definite lacking here as well. I do encourage you to visit Caloundra, but try not to get your hopes too high on the shopping aspect scene. Keep in mind the beach, and the accessibility to other nearby areas.

Caloundra - Main Street

Lamkin Lane

The cafe that I was visiting on the walk was Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar. The spot is the home of Tim Adams Specialty Coffee in Caloundra and is a little hidden away. Lamkin Lane is a street that runs parallel to Bulcock Street, and there is a small walkthrough laneway that brings you out right beside it. They offer a few different choices when it comes to coffee, so there is hopefully something for everyone. But if you are in Caloundra, I would recommend a stop to check the coffee out, that is if you like coffee.

Caloundra - Lamkin Lane

Paisley Park

Although I have visited Lamkin Lane before I do not recall seeing Paisley Park across the laneway before. But maybe it is the new coffee & patisserie spot that is opened in the park that caught my attention today. A place that is on my radar to visit the next time I am in Caloundra. On this occasion, I was running short a little on time.

Caloundra - Paisley Park

Visit Caloundra

I must admit that there are some aspects to Caloundra that do turn me off the area a little. I find that the shopping and cafe scene is a little to be desired along the main street. But what it lacks in this aspect it makes up for natural location. The beaches and the views along the waterfront are beautiful. If you have visited Caloundra, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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