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Coffee, Life In A Cup – Week 16, 2018

Coffee - The Anchorage Cafe

There was a long period of my life that I would state I did not need coffee in my life. At the time that was a very true statement for me, I did not need coffee. Just like now I don’t need coffee, but I find that it is a much more interesting part of my life. There are two main aspects to this that I find of interest at times.

The first is the type and variety of coffee that I drink. It is quite easy to see coffee as the one standard drink that you quickly pick up a tin or bottle in the supermarket. Likewise, that quick drink you grab from a random cafe in the morning on the way to work. But when you start to dig in, there is a rather wide variety of coffee available. The coffee can be a blend or a single origin and can taste different depending on how it is made. It can be made so many different ways and each creates that slightly different feeling.

There is also, of course, the places that you can get coffee, something that I am trying to share with you through this post each week. One of the aspects that I love to see is the different look and feel that different cafe owners go for. Some take extreme care in every aspect of the look and feel in the cafe. With some cafes not particularly looking great. But at the end of the day, it is the coffee that counts and you can rarely judge the coffee you get from the look of the cafe.

Speaking of the coffee you get there are some great spots in the post this week. So lets take a look at the spots I have shared.

Monday, 16th April 2018

3 Giraffes Cafe

Location – 200 Preston Rd, Manly West QLD

Coffee – Abrisca

Coffee - 3 Giraffes Cafe

There is one thing for sure that if you are paying attention when driving past 3 Giraffes you won’t miss the cafe. Sitting atop their awning are three giraffes as a nice little sign that you are in the right spot. The cafe inside is nice and simple and the coffee which comes from Abrisca is also quite good.

Tuesday, 17th April 2018

The Bean & Leaf Cafe

Location – 165-169 Broadwater Terrace, Redland Bay QLD

Coffee – Wolff Coffee Roasters

Coffee - The Bean & Leaf Cafe

The Redlands has two cafes with the same name, The Bean & Leaf. There is one in Redland Bay and one in Cleveland. Although The names are the same and I believe the owners as well, they both have their own personality. I do like the feel of the one at Redland Bay a little more it is open and airy. Of course, there is the coffee as well which they are serving at both locations which come from Wolff Coffee Roasters.

Wednesday, 18th April 2018


Location – 10A Frank Street, Labrador QLD

Coffee – Fonzie Abbott

Coffee - Frigg

When I am in an area that I have not visited for coffee before it can be rather difficult to make a choice about which cafe to visit. Often a search for the term “cafe” on Google Maps returns a lot of results and just comes down to picking. So that is what I did and soon picked out a cafe called Frigg. Not sure where the name came from but I was keen to try them as they are serving Fonzie Abbott Coffee. Unfortunately, they need a bit of work to get the coffee right.

Thursday, 19th April 2018

Caffeination Station

Location – 138 Tingal Rd, Wynnum QLD

Coffee – One Espresso

Coffee - Caffeination Station

Wynnum has a number of good spots for coffee, while some of them are in the heart of things some of them are also on the edges. Caffeination Station might be one that you have missed unless you get to see it from the train each day. It is just outside the area that you would normally walk around Wynnum but could be worth taking those few extra steps for. The coffee says One Espresso, but I cannot find much information about the brand, but it tasted ok.

Friday, 20th April 2018


Location – 271 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD

Coffee – Mecca Coffee

Coffee - Pourboy

If you are looking for some great coffee in South Brisbane it is difficult to not visit Pourboy. They used to reside in the city and have moved digs to one of the new developments here. They are serving up coffee from Mecca Coffee Roasters with a few options to chose from. They have a regular blend, a single origin and filter coffee available.

Saturday, 21st April 2018

Crusoe’s Cafe

Location – 12/152 Shore St W, Cleveland QLD

Coffee –

Coffee - Crusoe's Cafe

Crusoe’s is a spot that I enjoy visiting sometimes and taking a little time to sit by the water and enjoy my coffee. But there was one morning I visited and while the water view was there, it was more a view of the rain than the harbour. So I decided to find a table inside out of the elements and enjoy my coffee next to the old small batch coffee roaster they have on display. I don’t beleive they still use it, but also cannot be sure which brand their coffee is either.

Sunday, 22nd April 2018

The Anchorage Cafe

Location – 1 Cabbage Tree Point Rd, Steiglitz QLD (Horizon Shores Marina)

Coffee – Adore Estate Coffee

Coffee - The Anchorage Cafe

Recently I took a drive through the area around Cabbage Tree Point and Jacob’s Well. Positioned between these two locations is Horizon Shores Marina where they also happen to have a great cafe. The Anchorage Cafe is positioned looking out over some of the wet berths of the marina, a great view. They are serving coffee from Adore Estate Coffee, which I enjoy but don’t find in that many cafes.


I would be interested to know how you feel about coffee. Do you just stick to instant coffee, enjoy the same coffee every day or go out of your way to find a great coffee experience? Just let me know in the comments below.

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