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Coffee, Just Drink It – Week 5, 2018

Coffee - The Def Chef, Dubbo

We love visiting a cafe for our coffee because it is made using fresh beans on a quality machine that should give us a great tasting coffee. However, the machine itself can be a factor in just how good that cup of coffee will taste.

A clean machine ensures the best product will come from the machine every time. But it might surprise you that the coffee that tasted bad could be the result of a dirty machine. While I don’t literally mean there is dirt in the machine, if bits of old coffee grind get stuck in the machine, they can add an unwanted flavour to your coffee.

Cleaning an espresso machine has multiple steps, that should occur not only every day but between every shot of coffee. It starts with the daily practice of cleaning the shower screen in each group head. Following this up with a backflush with a commercial espresso cleaner.

Throughout the day there are three other important aspects too cleaning. The first is to wipe clean and dry the basket of the group handle between every shot. Followed by a wipe of the shower screen on the group head. Finally, purge the group head between shots to flush out any coffee that found its way in.

You can definitely taste the difference between a machine that has been clean regularly and one that is rarely if ever cleaned. I have seen some very busy cafes manage to keep their machine clean as part of the daily process. So it should not be something that is seen as not possible.

Monday, 29th January 2018

The Def Chef

Location – 43 Macquarie St, Dubbo, NSW

Coffee – Maestro’s Espresso

Coffee - The Def Chef, Dubbo

Dubbo was the first overnight stop on the road trip back from Canberra. Staying on a saturday night I was not quite sure how many cafes I would find open on a Sunday morning in Dubbo, but I wandered out to see anyway. Thankfully I came across a great spot called The Def Chef with some rather funky coloured tables. They were serving Maestro’s Espresso and happy that I went looking for a cafe.

Tuesday, 30th January 2018


Location – 9a/3370 Pacific Hwy, Springwood QLD

Coffee – Di Bella Coffee

Coffee - GASP Cafe, Springwood

The idea and concept behind GASP Cafe is one that I very much like. There is of course the cafe serving up Di Bella Coffee, which is why I was here to start with. But they also have a small meeting room which can be closed off. Along with a number of businesses that have their offices around the cafe. It can make for a great way to connect with clients and have meetings without having to think about much beyond the basics yourself.

Wednesday, 31st January  2018

Bedouin Brew

Location – 8 Boyland Ave, Coopers Plains, QLD

Coffee – Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Bedouin Brew, Coopers Plains

Bedouin Brew is one of those coffee shops that I discovered just be looking a little outside of where I often go. When I look at Google Maps I found that I kept going back over the same area, but then realised what I was missing.

I must say the first time I visited I was a little surprised as it does look a little different to some of the photos on Google. But I was happy to give it a try and very glad that I did. They serve up some amazing coffee from Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters and have more than a couple of little things to look at around the cafe while you are there as well. The place, even though an older warehouse does feel very homey with a great look and feel.

Thursday, 1st February 2018

The Urban Caloundra

Location – 5/51-55 Bulcock St, Caloundra QLD

Coffee – Campos

Coffee - The Urban, Caloundra

Taking a walk around Caloundra there are a few coffee shops, but few of them have anything that special. Finally I discovered The Urban just off the main street of Caloundra, where they were serving Campos Coffee and it was definitely worth the stop. The coffee was good and it was also a little quieter than the main street.

Friday, 2nd February 2018

Bean Brisbane

Location – 181 George St, Laneway Basement, Brisbane City QLD

Coffee – Bellissimo

Coffee - Bean Brisbane, Brisbane CBD

It was only by complete chance that I discovered Bean Brisbane. I was walking along George Street in the Brisbane CBD and just noticed a small sign that said Bean, with the shape of a coffee bean. It pointed down a rather shabby looking alley and I contemplated keeping on walking. But I decided to take a look and soon got down the alley and came across a red phonebox shrouding the door.

I spent a good few minutes looking and contemplating if this was a legitimate spot for coffee. Thankfully I took the step and headed in to find this very funky cafe come bar. They were serving Bellissimo coffee and even had a single origin running which made for one great coffee stop.

Saturday, 3rd February 2018

Brown Sugar

Location – 127 Colburn Ave, Victoria Point QLD

Coffee – Di Bella Coffee

Coffee - Brown Sugar, Victoria Point

There are a couple of cafes that are within walking distance of home and Brown Sugar is one of them. It was on a day that my car decided to play up, so I decided to take a walk to a cafe instead. I have been to Brown Sugar a couple of times before, but now they are serving Di Bella Coffee, which was just right.

Sunday, 4th February 2018

Fort Specialty Coffee

Location – 6 Endeavour Blvd, North Lakes QLD

Coffee – Semi-Pro Coffee

Coffee - Fort Specialty Coffee, Northlakes

Heading up to the Sunshine Coast in December and needing a coffee along the way I decided to stop into Fort Specialty Coffee. The venue does have a couple of interesting features, such as the pages of comic books that are stuck to the ceiling. There is also a good range of figurines and memorabilia around the cafe as well. As for the coffee, they are serving Semi-Pro Coffee which I have found a couple of other places lately which I do enjoy.

Coffee, Just Drink It

When it comes to the cafes I share and the cafes I visit each week there can be some differences. Such as this week there is everything from Dubbo to Caloundra. Just depending what is happeing for me it is not always possible to share in real time day to day. So I do tend to plan things out a little ahead, just in case you were wondering about the enormous distances I must be travelling.

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