Daily Adventures Chasing Good Coffee

There is something that I have been doing almost every day for the last six months. It is something that many people do every single morning. Getting out there and finding a good cup of coffee.

It is not something that I just started doing in the last six months, though. I used to go out almost every day and visit a cafe. It was the same cafe every day, ironically it is in this cafe that I am writing this right now.

My Coffee

The coffee that I choose to drink is a Long Black. I like to get the flavour and body without spoiling it by adding milk or sugar. Which is why I choose Long Black over other options which are primarily made on milk.

It was early 2016 I decided to take a closer look at what I was eating and drinking and make some changes. At the time I opted for a short-term removal of all sugar from my diet. Or at least everything that I could practically remove.

One of the biggest contributors of sugar in my diet was the two chai latte’s I would drink most days. Between them, they would contribute almost 50grams of sugar each day. Some of this was natural sugar found in the milk. There was still over 20grams from the syrup used in a chai latte.

The long story, made short (no pun intended) is black coffee has become my preferred alternative.

A Different Cafe Every Day

In September 2016, I decided that I wanted to start exploring both the coffee and the venues that serve it a little deeper. I set out to try and visit a new cafe every single day. It might sound easy enough there are cafes everywhere. But, in fact, it is a whole lot harder than you might imagine and comes with a couple of challenges.

First Instagram Coffee Post

The first image I shared on Instagram as part of my daily photos.

There is a reasonable number of coffee shops without having to travel to far from home, or so I thought. The more coffee shops I visited, the more I realised there is a big difference between coffee.

I quickly eliminated the idea of visiting most chain stores. The whole concept of the chain coffee stores is creating a consistent experience. What I was looking for were coffee shops that are different, interesting and unique.

As such, there has been a rather wide variety of coffee stores that I have visited. I have visited some chain stores and got the experience I expected. There have also been some out of this world fantastic coffee shops as well. Along with many that land somewhere in between.

A Cup And A View

I made a conscious decision to record the journey and share that journey each day. I would capture a photo of my coffee along with the view that I was enjoying that day. Either the general outside atmosphere or that of the coffee shop I was visiting.

Either way each day I captured the photo and shared these images via Instagram. I quite enjoy finding a coffee shop with the best combo of great coffee and a great view. But always more than happy to settle for just some great coffee.

Coffee with a view

Always looking for a spot to have coffee with a view

Discovering Coffee

Taking the time to explore both coffee and the cafe’s that serve it, has been an enjoyable experience. When you go out to explore coffee with a purpose, you find there is so much more than what you have in a jar at home.

I cannot remember where it was. But that first time I was offered a choice between a single origin coffee and a blend was an exciting moment. Then to one day find myself at a coffee roaster to have a choice between five different coffees.

Then another great experience was discovering yet another option in the cold pressed coffee. It offers quite a different and interesting experience and one that I would happily recommend if you have a love for coffee.

Special Release Single Origin

Trying a special release single origin

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If you would like to see my journey and follow my exploration of coffee, why not join me on Instagram. You can find me at Travel Explored where I share daily travel and coffee photos.

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