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Favourite Sunsets From 2014

Sunset - Hemmant, 4th March 2014

As a photographer who enjoys capturing landscapes, I have taken more than my fair share of sunset photos. Although I don’t tend to go chasing sunsets quite as regularly anymore, I have many photos I captured and never shared.

Currently, I am working through some of my photos. You would be surprised over the years how many photos you end up with. While it is time to clean some of the extras out, the benefit is that I also find some that I do want to share.


Below I have found six different sunset images that I captured a few years ago now, in 2014. Most of them are nearby home, but there is one from Phillip Island when I travelled south for a week that year.

In some way, each of these photos is one that I have chosen to share to highlight something. There is almost always a reason behind why I do things.

Cleveland Point, 5th May 2014

Sunset - Cleveland Point, 5th May 2014

Cleveland Point is a favourite spot for me to visit to capture the sunset. Probably the main reason for this is that it is close to home. Which is a big positive when you can never entirely be sure what the conditions are going to be like.

On this particular day, I had not planned to capture the sunset. But as I was driving towards home noticed something happening in the clouds and made a quick decision to adjust my direction. In fact, I captured this image less than 3 minutes after arriving at Cleveland Point. With the colour all gone from the clouds around 10 minutes after I arrived. Sometimes it is all about timing.

Cleveland Point, 13th July 2014

Sunset - Cleveland Point, 13th July 2014

Another stop at Cleveland Point but this photo is more about patience rather than turning up just in time. I arrived at Cleveland Point around 5 pm on this day, and the sun went below the horizon at 5.10pm. However, this photo was taken almost 20 minutes later around 5.30pm.

Looking back at the others photos from the day, there was no indication that waiting after the sun had set would be rewarding. However, when I specifically go out to capture the sunset, I do so planning to stay at least half an hour after the sun has gone. There are very few occasions that I will leave in less than this time because I know just how sometimes things can change.

There was a little colour there after the sunset, but I was surprised at just how strong it came out later. The reality in the above photo is that the colour is just how the camera captured it. The only adjustment in the photo is in the clarity which helps define the edges of the cloud more. I had not planned to do so initially. But have decided to include a copy of the straight out of camera image, with no edits applied, there is very little difference.

Sunset - Cleveland Point, 13th July 2014

Hammant, 4th March 2014

Sunset - Hemmant, 4th March 2014

Sometimes a sunset photo is the last thing from your mind which is kind of where this photo started. I had been meeting a friend for a chat after work, and we just happened to be on the side of the road at Hamment near Brisbane talking. I noticed a little something happening in the clouds, and the sun rays were just spreading out. Luckily I had my camera with me, and I was able to capture this photo in the spare of the moment.

As it turns out I had my camera out for less than two minutes before capturing this photo. I captured a total of ten frames before the colour quickly disappeared from the clouds. So sometimes getting the right photo is a little luck and a little bit of being in the right place.

Minnippi Parklands, 4th May 2014

Sunset - Minnippi Parklands, 4th May 2014

More than a couple of times I have had to see if there was another way to make a sunset interesting. On this particular day, there was barely a cloud in the sky. There could have even been none because I did not capture one in any of the photos I took this day.

I have found a clear sky to rarely be that interesting in terms of a sunset. So I had to get down and try something a little different. In this case, it was some time since the grass had been mown in the park and the tall grass stalks and weeds created just the effect I was looking for.

Phillip Island, 21 June 2014

Sunset - Phillip Island, 21 June 2014

Although I had visited Phillip Island two years before capturing this photo, it was not until June 2014 that I got to stay on the island. We came to stay specifically to see the little penguins but booked a couple of nights to see what else the island had to offer.

On the day we arrived on the island we took a drive around to see the area. I just happened to decide to make a stop and capture the sunset. It was just before the sun went below the horizon, but that helped to give a little more light to the scene.

Redcliffe, 7th March 2014

Sunset - Redcliffe, 7th March 2014

After an early finish at work on a Friday after, I got to sit in the traffic parking lot that is northbound traffic from Brisbane for over an hour. But as it turns out we crossed the bridge from Brighton to the Redcliffe Peninsula just in time to see the sun setting. The view here is over the inlet to Kedron Brook and North Pine River. If I had a little more time, there might have been a bit better shot, but with time in traffic we were already running late so had to keep moving.


I hope that you have enjoyed this small look back at some of the sunsets I captured in 2014. I am still looking at the photos I have from 2015, 2016 & 2017 and hope to share something similar from these years. However, I cannot be sure at this point if I will have enough from 2017. Additionally, I will be looking to share a post talking about the process of capturing the sunsets.

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