Exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Walled City

Dubrovnik - Countryside

Dubrovnik is the last port of call before disembarking in Venice, Italy. The day was very busy in the port with four other ships visiting Dubrovnik on the same day. It meant for a lot of people, but that does not always cause a problem.

Today I booked a tour with the cruise line named “Old Walled City of Dubrovnik.” Dubrovnik is one of the best preserved walled cities in Europe. There are many factors that highlight the preservation of the city. Dubrovnik’s Old Walled City is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1979.

The tour started with a short drive around some of the countryside. Even though this was primarily on the bus I was still able to capture a couple of photos.

Dubrovnik - CountrysideDubrovnik - Countryside

Dubrovnik Walled City

Inside the Old Walled City there are not cars, walking is the way you get around. You soon discover why walking is the easiest way. The city is flat along the main street and expands up a slope in both directions.

Dubrovnik - Old Town Stairway

Climbing the stairs and exploring the city affords you some great views across the city.

Dubrovnik - Old Town Rooftops

When you think about the number of cruise ships here today there are many areas with no one around. It seems most people seem to hold to the main street and take advantage of climbing the wall. There was so much that people missed seeing as a result of not exploring. Not that I was complaining as this gave me a great opportunity to capture some interesting photos.

Dubrovnik - Old Town Laneway Dubrovnik - Old Town Marco Polo Cafe

The city may have been full of tourists, but it is also still a fully functioning city. There are people that live here and work here every day. So I was not surprised to discover a small market with plenty of fresh produce and other essentials.

Dubrovnik - Old Town Market Stall

To a large degree, the cities in Europe are very photogenic. They are cities that have not been recreated or rebuilt unlike historic cities in other parts of the world. Many of the cities in Europe have been established for hundreds of years, and evolve no faster than they need to. You can find pieces that have been in place for substantial amounts of time alongside new items. The cities, the buildings and the atmosphere is genuine and authentic. Not just recreated to draw in the tourists.

Dubrovnik - Old Town Door and Window

Back To The Ship

Another ship arrived in Dubrovnik today alongside the cruise ships. It was a mega yacht by the name of “Al Said” which is currently the 3rd largest mega yacht in the world, owned by the Sultan of Oman. ** Update 2016: Al Said is now the 6th largest Mega Yacht **

Dubrovnik Al Said Mega Yacht

Finally, it was that time of day when it was time to say farewell to Dubrovnik. Sailaway is always a sad time of day but also offers it’s own special view o the port you are leaving.

Dubrovnik - Sailaway

Dubrovnik is definitely a city that I would love to visit again. Plus I am told there are numerous other cities in Croatia to visit. So something to keep in mind for my next trip to Europe. You can read more from my post Port Call – Exploreing Dubrovnik, Crotia.

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