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Making Travel Part Of Everyday Life

It is a little bit over a week since I returned from Melbourne and the week has been a pretty full week. Working every day and also working on a 30 Day Writing Challenge. Sometimes when I look back at the two I am not really sure how I fitted it in, however obviously I have and everything is still in order.

However this week has also brought home the fact that for the next three and a half months this is what I will be doing week in, week out. As many people often come to realise work is an unfortunate side effect of the need for money to be able to live your life and travel.

This has got me thinking somewhat about how to fill some of the gaps in a wish to travel while working five days a week. Which is something that I am always looking for some good answers to fill the blanks. Below you will find some of my own ideas on how I am going to make the next three and half months not feel so much like one big block of work, and break it up with some more fun.

  • Plan the next trip – If you are feeling the blues from not being out there travelling the next best thing may be to have your planning cap on doing the research for your next trip away. This is something that I am going to be working hard on over the coming month, for a trip to Europe next year. Although it is not going to be anything like being there and doing it, I will be learning about a whole bunch of new and exciting places that I will get to visit in the time I am in Europe.
  • Weekend Escape – While it may not be possible to hop on a plane in Brisbane and fly to some exotic overseas location. That does not mean that there is not somewhere local that you can either explore or just take some time to go and relax. For example for me a two hour drive can get me to many great locations, many of which I have never been to. While a two hour flight becomes 3-4 hours or more, due to getting to and from airports and waiting for flights and such, which really does eat into the time you have available.
  • Explore Local – For the most part your local area may be a little more interesting then you think. Take  a look around the area or find the local tourist information location and find out what is in the area. You may have lived where you are for 20 years and still never really know what is around. This is perfect case in point for me, I came across a small guide book put out by the council about local heritage, while I knew some of the places listed, there were just as many that were new to me and gave me something to look at.
  • Explore Local 2 – Do you live near a big city, do you go to the city every day for work. Why not go to the city and pretend to be a tourist. This means go to an area you don’t normally visit and try something new, a different cafe, a new restaurant, anything that is different for you. Maybe there is a river splitting the city and you go to work every day but have never explored the other side of the river.

There are so many potential options for experiences that are similar travelling around home and your every day life that you could experience as an alternative to having to get in a plane and cross oceans to find new experiences. If you think about it there are opportunities all around, all you need to do is get out there and take some action to change the everyday into an extraordinary experience.

While I started this post off with a title of “A little bit down” just writing this has got me inspired. I now want to get out there and do something, I am feeling more ready to take on the next week. Planning for my trip to Europe will get some of the time, while I may do a little more local exploring.

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