Exploring The City Of Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - Opera House

I arrived in Copenhagen today around midday, after leaving Brussels on a relatively early flight this morning. I love travelling between cities on short early flights. Where you do not have to be up to early in the morning, but you still arrive at your destination early in the day.


Getting into the city from the airport is super easy in Copenhagen. Unlike some cities I have visited that make it difficult, here there are plenty of options. I choose to take the metro train, but there are also buses and other trains. The cost was quite reasonable as well at 36 Danish Kroner (about $6-$7). The metro is reasonably frequent and only takes about 15 minutes from the airport to the city.

After checking into the hotel and collecting a packet of information my relative had left for me, I went to find some lunch. The information my family had left also included a couple of suggestions for the afternoon and evening. One suggestion was to take a canal cruise which is about an hour and looked to be the best option to get started.

Copenhagen Canal Tour

Copenhagen - Canal Tour Boat

Like many European cities, I have visited the bridges can be quite low, which in turn means boats that sit low in the water. But even still I have found many cities here a boat can often afford you the best view. Often this is because the streets are not wide enough to get great photos, but the canals often are.

One of the newer buildings in the city is the Skuerspilhuset (Royal Danish Playhouse). It sits on the waterfront and has quite a distinct look to it.

Copenhagen - Skuespiluset Royal Danish Playhouse

Copenhagen as a city has a very long history, being founded in the 10th century AD. Along with this long history, there are some beautiful older buildings throughout the city. However, just like the Royal Danish Playhouse above, there are some other rather new buildings that stand out. One such building is the New Opera House, which sits on the bank opposite the Royal Danish Playhouse.

Copenhagen - Opera House

A city, of course, is never truly defined by one or two points, but by the collective of everything that makes the city. I find this to be true, particularly when water plays a big part in the way the city has form. In many ways, it creates some rather interesting scenes from the right angles.

Copenhagen - Houses along canal

Tivoli Gardens

Another suggestion that my relative had made was to visit Tivoli Gardens. They suggested that I visit during the evening, I was not quite sure that to expect. However, when I looked it up on the map and brochure provided it seemed to be a mixture of gardens and inner city theme park. There was a mix of restaurants, rides and also some gardens.

Earlier I had posted a message on Couchsurfing and found a few people who were also looking to visit Tivoli Gardens. I was not so interested in the rides, but the gardens were nice, to look walk through. Along with how the buildings get lit at night.

Copenhagen - Tivoli Gardens Tulips Copenhagen - Tivoli Gardens Fountain Copenhagen - Tivoli Gardens by night

It has been a great start to my visit to Copenhagen. It has been much easier to have some suggestions on how to start seeing the city from my relatives. I look forward to meeting them very soon and getting to see some of the countryside around the outside Copenhagen with them.

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