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Meandering Along At Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba - Beach

Mooloolaba is a small area around 100km north of Brisbane. The area is bordered by the Sunshine Motorway to the west and the Mooloolah River to the south, with the Pacific Ocean to the east. Covering just 4 square kilometres with a population of over 7,300.

Of course, when you have a beach like you will see below you can see why people would want to live here. But it also makes Mooloolaba one of the popular spots for tourists on the Sunshine Coast. It can be a nice spot to stay and I have stayed here on multiple occasions, but you do need to choose your time to avoid the crowds.

Mooloolaba Beach

One of the key attractions of Mooloolaba is just how close you can be to the beach. There are many hotels or apartments for holiday accommodation within one or two blocks of the beach which makes it rather accessible. For those who bring their own accommodation, there is also a holiday park with great beach access.

Mooloolaba - Beach

Mooloolaba Esplanade

The Mooloolaba Esplanade is stretch of road and walkways that is lined with shops, cafes and restaurants. Whether you are looking for a simple cup of coffee or a new outfit there is a good chance you might be able to find it along here. When I have stayed in Mooloolaba this area is often where I will take a walk in the morning. In one direction I will follow the path along the beach and the return I will follow the front of the shops.

Mooloolaba - Strip Shopping & Cafes

With shops and cafes only on one side of the street, you will find many spots with water views to enjoy your meal. But even if you don’t have a clear view you can hear the waves along most of the area.

Mooloolaba - Cafe Views

The Wharf

Another area that is not far from the beach and waterfront at Mooloolaba is The Wharf. I must say that the area has probably seen better days, but they are currently working on a project to renew and revitalise the area. you will find a few restaurants here as well as access to Sea Life Aquarium. Sea Life is a place I remember from my childhood, back than it was called Underwater World. I visited as part of a school trip and think many from South East Queensland might remember it.

Mooloolaba - The Wharf

I would say this is one of those places you need to visit if you are staying in Mooloolaba. Especially if they are working on building the area up you will likely find that it is always evolving. I do know that there used to be markets held here, but I have been unable to confirm for sure if they are still on or when.

Mooloolaba - The Wharf

Coffee Shops

One thing that I found in Mooloolaba is that there is a great range of coffee shops in the area. If you read my blog much you will see that I do love visiting many different coffee shops. One that I got to visit while in Mooloolaba for this walk was The Colombian Coffee Co. They roast their coffee in the cafe on Brisbane Street and would highly recommend a visit if you like your coffee.

The Colombian Coffee Co

You wont need to look far though to find some other great options for cafes. There are plenty along the beachfront or in the nearby streets as well.

Visit Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba can be a great spot to visit, even for a day trip from Brisbane. But booking a couple of nights or a week can be a great way to see the area. Mooloolaba could also be a great central location to explore the Sunshine Coast from. Especially if you do not want to be moving from hotel to hotel all the time. But you will need a car to make the most of seeing other areas of the Sunshine Coast. Even though there are buses they will not always be the most flexible options. So come and check out Mooloolaba and if you have visited I would love to know what you think.

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