Exploring Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale Beach

As a city, I have been having some trouble finding much if anything to do in Fort Lauderdale itself. So today I am getting out to see the few things that I could find that might be interesting.

Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

I decided to start with a trip on the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi this morning. It operates through 12 different stops heading north up the intercoastal waterway. Many of the stops did not seem to have too much exciting to offer. So I opted to travel to the furthest stop where you can find the Las Olas shops.

Las Olas Shops

Fort Lauderdale - Welcome To Las Olas Shops Fort Lauderdale - Las Olas Boulevard

The area does not seem to be your typical shopping area with the majority of the shops along here being a little more high end. There were also some galleries in the area. About the only positive I found for me in the area was a shop with some excellent ice cream. But I soon found my way back to the Water Taxi to try another stop.

Fort Lauderdale - Las Olas Watertaxi Stop

New River Area

The next stop did not provide much more of interest and was in an area known as New River. Even though the area did seem to cover a lot of space, a large number of the shops were either closed or closed down. I settled on having lunch at one of the restaurants here and took a rest from walking.

One interesting thing that I noticed from here while having lunch was the nearby drawbridge. Although there are quite a few drawbridges around Fort Lauderdale, due to the canals and size of boats. The drawbridge here was a little different as it is for the train line.

Fort Lauderdale - Drawbridge for trains

Fort Lauderdale Beach

The last time I made for the day was to take a look at Fort Lauderdale Beach. I think I might have shared a picture from this beach previously when I visited Fort Lauderdale as part of my Panama Canal Cruise. However, here is another photo as it did look like quite a nice beach day.

Fort Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale Beach

In the end today I spent a lot more time getting between places than seeing much if anything. However, the time spent on the water taxi was quite nice, but most of what you are seeing is quite flashy big houses. Along with all variety of different boats and yachts. I did also manage to find one or two shops to get some more clothes for the cruise which I was happy with.

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