Last Day In Vancouver

Vancouver - Atessa

With today being my last day in Vancouver I needed to cover off any last things I wanted to do. Ensuring that I leave enough time to be back at the hotel to do some washing and pack my bags.

I did consider the option of a seaplane flight. There are some different options for a sightseeing flight from Vancouver. However, I found out that you need to book in advance. They have a capacity of 14 people and the flights today were fully booked.

While walking the water’s edge, I happened to find a harbour cruise available. I looked into this earlier in the week and thought I had missed my opportunity. However, it was my lucky day as they had a boat departing at 1.30pm. It may have only been a 1-hour cruise, but it helped me tick something off my list.ive.

Vancouver Harbour Cruise

The boat for the cruise that I took is a paddle wheeler named the Constitution. The first sight on the harbour cruise is not what you might expect. It is a petrol station, and if you have a boat, this is where you come to refuel, in the middle of Coal Harbour.

Vancouver - Petrol Station

The most prominent feature of the Harbour is the massive cranes for loading and unloading the container ships. There are two different area’s with multiple cranes just like these. Cranes are one thing, but there are some features around the harbour that are all very industrial.

Vancouver - Dockyard Cranes

On the Northshore, the most prominent feature is the sulphur loading dock. There are also a lot of boats and barges anchored or docked over this side and the Vancouver Dry Dock.

Vancouver - Drydock

Finally moored on the north side is a boat which has famous roots starring in the movie Overboard. Later after a full refurbishment also used in Indecent Proposal. It looks entirely different, however, this is apparently the boat below.

Vancouver - Atessa

Farewell Vancouver

The harbour cruise was the last thing that I had wanted to do in Vancouver. However, that is not to say that I have not discovered other things I would have like to do. Vancouver does seem like a place that I will return to explore further in the future.

I spent some time at the hotel this afternoon getting a little washing done and packing. Tomorrow is a relatively early start in the morning for the next step in my journey. It is a short trip across the US Border and into Seattle for a few days. Of course, I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow from the next destination.

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