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San Francisco - Fort Mason

Today looked like a beautiful day to be out and about exploring San Francisco with a nice bright sunny day. I had a couple of things planned for today. However, I will have to see how the timing goes to fit it all in, especially being the weekend. There seems to be a lot more people around, especially in the touristy area’s where I headed.

The Exploratorium

For the last ticket from the City Pass Booklet, I had to make a choice. I could visit The de Young Museum or the Legion of Honor and Exploratorium. I just had a feeling the Exploratorium would be a little more fun. Which even without knowing what the alternative was I would say it is probably right.

The Exploratorium is likely to be a little more focused toward the younger visitors to help teach science principles. But to be honest, it is a whole lot of fun for us big kids as well. There are plenty of gadgets and things to touch and play with, which is always fun. It is essentially one big science centre with a more unusual name.

It is a lot larger than the Brisbane Science Center back home. However, not quite as big as the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. I don’t have too many pictures from inside for two reasons. First, there were too many cool things to play with to have time to get the camera out. Second, with so many kids around I thought it might be better to keep the camera away anyway.

San Francisco - Exploratorium Sand Patterns on Spinning Wheel

But still got a couple of photos, playing with sand on a spinning wheel (above) and dry ice on water (below).

San Francisco - Exploratorium Dry Ice On Water

Around the City

From the Exploratorium there was a very similar walk to what I did yesterday. However, today I decided to walk along the waterfront, instead of through the streets. There are some things along the waterfront, the first of which that caught my attention is Fort Mason

Fort Mason

Fort Mason started life as a fortified military base for the Spanish in 1176. The site has been used for many different purposes over the years. However, today it operates for public purposes such as parking, commercial space and event space.

San Francisco - Fort Mason

Maritime Museum

The next thing I passed along the waterfront was the Maritime Museum. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit the Maritime Museum but did get a photo of some of the ships on display. The one pictured below is a Square Rigger from 1886 named the Balclutha.

San Francisco - Square Rigger Balclutha

San Francisco City Hall

In the afternoon I end up going for a walk through the city. One of the very impressive buildings that I came across was the San Francisco City Hall. It does very much stand out and has some character to it.

San Francisco - City Hall

There is still so much more that I would love to see in San Francisco. However, tomorrow is my last day in the city. Being that it is a weekend day again and going from the experience today I will need to possibly leave some things out. It just seems much harder to get around through the traffic and all the extra people.

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