A Few Hours Exploring The City Of Seoul

Seoul - Incheon Central Park

When I was looking at booking a trip to Europe, the travel agent suggested booking with Korean Air. The reason being that they offered an overnight stop in Seoul as part of the airfare. Of course, this sounded like a great idea to me. I had not been looking forward to the two flights with a few hours stop over somewhere in the middle.


The hotel that was part of the stopover was located in an area known as Incheon. Even though the area shares its name with the airport, it was about 30 minutes by bus. The hotel does seem a little isolated, but it also appears to be a neighbourhood that is in development.

By the time I had arrived at the hotel and got settled it was dinner time and dark so opted to stay in. But this morning I did want to get out and see something while I was here. So for the first time, I headed out in temps below zero Celsius for a walk to Incheon’s Central Park, about 15 minutes away.

Walking around the area this morning it seems even more isolated than I thought. There are very few people walking around, which could be the result of not many buildings at all. It also seems much further as you are walking around than what it would seem on a map.

I did get some pictures and you can see some other buildings. However, I would take a guess that they are over 1 kilometre from the area. From this ever so brief visit to the area, I do think that one day I would like to come back and see a little more of South Korea.

Seoul - Early Morning Skyline View Seoul - Incheon Central Park Seoul - Incheon Central Park Seoul - Tomorrow City Building

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