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The View From The Top Deck in San Diego

Point Loma - San Diego

The first time that I ever boarded a cruise ship was a great experience. That was now over seven years ago in San Diego when I cruised onboard Holland America Line’s, MS Statendam. The cruise was a 28-night journey from San Diego through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale and return through the Panama Canal to San Diego. I blogged the whole cruise on this blog and you can find some more information here “28 Day Panama Canal Cruise Summary.”

It might surprise you to find out that I was onboard for over four hours before I got my camera out. Considering how many photos I seem to take and how often I have a camera with me this might surprise some people. I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the experience of embarkation day and see what the ship had to offer. Plus it was also lunch time when I boarded the ship and I was a little distracted by being hungry.


That all changed though come sail away time right around 4.30pm, the camera was in hand and ready for some photos. I patiently waited on the deck watching as they started letting the ropes go and soon we were underway. The next hour was spent back and forth across the deck as the ship navigated through San Diego’s Harbour.

Point Loma Outcrop

The cruise ship terminal is not far from Downtown San Diego and it is a seven-kilometre journey to the mouth of the harbour. To the left is North Island and to the right is Point Loma. The photo below is at the point I would call the entrance to the harbour. But the official location might be a little different.

Point Loma - San Diego

The area does look rather beautiful, and hopefully, somewhere I might go for a look if I make it back to San Diego one day. But of course, that is the problem we only have so much time to explore and so many places that could be explored. Why not leave a comment below and let me know what one place you would like to return to and explore more?

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