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First Overseas Photo – Vancouver, Canada

First Photo Overseas - Vancouver, Canada

Back in October 2010, for the first time, I boarded a plane and travelled overseas. The first destination that I was to stay in would be Vancouver, Canada and from Brisbane, Australia. The trip took two flights and is not a short journey by any means.

Getting Overseas

The first flight I took departed from Brisbane and arrived in Los Angeles. There was a stopover of around eight hours in Los Angeles, most of which I spent in an Airport Lounge. Before a second flight which took me to the final destination for this part of the trip Vancouver, Canada. That was a lot of time in transit, which I know many people do on a regular basis. However, the first time is something of a challenge to deal with.

The timing of the flights and such had me arrive into Vancouver in the evening. That was all before the stuff on the ground in Vancouver. Like collecting luggage, passing through customs, including a bag search, catching the train to the city and finding and checking into the hotel. By this time as you can imagine, I might have been a little tired, maybe a little hungry. So I found a nearby spot for something to eat, a nearby Starbucks for a chai latte and some free wifi before heading back to the hotel and the first real bed in close to 36 hours.

First Overseas Photo – Vancouver

First Photo Overseas - Vancouver, Canada

The following morning when I woke up just happened to be the first chance that I even though of my camera. Through Los Angeles and getting to the hotel I had not even though about it. In fact, I think the first photo I took in Los Angeles was on the third visit to the city. Above though is the very first photo that I took overseas, looking out from the hotel balcony in Vancouver. The view is across the area of Vancouver known as West End. I cannot recall the level I was staying on, but the hotel was the Empire Landmark Hotel.

Making Long Trips Better

There is only one thing that I would have changed about the travel arrangements and that is the long day travelling. I would look to either significantly decrease the stopover in Los Angeles, maybe between 1-2 hours instead of eight hours. Alternatively, I would look to make it an overnight stop instead, something which I have done on numerous occasions since. In fact, I spread my trip from Brisbane to Vienna over three days with this idea in mind. Because there is nothing fun about spending long periods waiting in airports.

Let me know in the comments below what is the longest you have had to wait in an airport? Did you know about the wait in advance or were you delayed?

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