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Going For A Wander At Woombye

Woombye - Memorial Park

The town of Woombye is not exactly on the main tourist routes or in the centre of things, but it is still a beautiful spot to stop for a wander. The area of Woombye has seen significant growth in population over the past 20 years, with the latest population for the area recorded in 2011 of over 2,700 residents. But even with this growth the main street still holds the charm of a past era and a couple of sights to match.

Woombye is located around 100km north of Brisbane and is just a few minutes from the main highway northbound. We visited on a week in mid-March and had no problems getting a parking spot, but this could be different in peak periods. While you are in the area another attraction that you can visit is the Big Pineapple. While I did not visit the big pineapple this time, it was something that I remember visiting as a child. You can find out more details on the Big Pineapple Website.

Walking Woombye

I parked at the western end of the main street and set out for a walk to see what was here. The first thing that caught my attention was the Woombye Bakery. Although it was not the right time to eat, a local that I got to speak to did mention how good the pies are. I guess I am going to have to stop back another time to confirm this for myself.

Woombye - Bakery

Woombye Shopping Strip

Woombye - Sidewalk

The main part of the township of Woombye covers a second of around 300 metres along Blackall Street. Starting with the Woombye Butcher at the eastern end going to The Woombye Pub at the western end. Along the street, you will find numerous small shops, cafes and service businesses. The majority of the businesses are those that serve a purpose in the town, but there are a couple that are more tourist-focused as well.

Woombye Anglican Church

Woombye - Anglican Church

As you continue along Blackall Street, you will come to St Margaret’s Anglican Church. The building looks nice and simple with a beautiful grassy area and gardens in front. The only information that I could narrow down about the church is that it was established in 1898.

Woombye Memorial Park

At the point where Blackall Street intersects with Keil Street is a Memorial Park where the Woombye War Memorial is located. Originally the memorial was erected to commemorate the fallen and returned of World War I. The monument was originally dedicated on the 18th of June 1925. Since this date, additional plaques have been added to commemorate those from World War II and additionally to honour those who served in all campaigns since 1945.

Woombye - Memorial Park

Woombye School of Arts

Another interesting feature of Blackall Street in Woomby is the Woombye School of Arts. The hall for the school of arts was built in 1898. Reading the history, the building looks to have played an essential role in the development of the are over many years.

Woombye - School of Arts

To the front right of the School of Arts building is a sign which does appear quite dated shows the layout of the township. While some of the locations do seem to have been updated there are some that are different. But it is still an excellent piece to take a look at even if it is not entirely accurate.

Woombye - School of Arts Town Map

Finally, something that I don’t often include in my posts is a photo of the toilet block. The block is located behind the School of Arts building on Hill Street. The painting that adorns the building is what caught my attention. You would hardly recognise the building as a toilet block except for the signs that signify it as such.

Woombya - School of Arts Toilet Block

Visit Woombye

It might be a small town, but it is still a lovely place to visit. So if you are heading north from Brisbane, Woombye can be a great stopping off point. Otherwise, if you are staying on the Sunshine Coast, it is a beautiful little drive. So why not consider adding Woombye as a stopping off point.

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