Exploring The Las Vegas Strip In A Day

Las Vegas - Fashion Show Mall

Today is my second and last day in Las Vegas for this trip. Yesterday gave me an excellent opportunity to see quite some things that I missed on my last trip. I also managed to fit one extra thing in today as well that I missed last time.


Yesterday was a big day and went until quite late in the evening. So this morning was a rather late start, but that did not matter I had nothing too specific that had to be done. I decided to start with lunch, yep that is how late the start is and figured a good place for that would be Wholefoods.

It seemed like it could be a good walk, but soon realised it was much further than I remember. I end up waiting for the next bus heading that direction, which did not take long at all. The walk would have been doable, but is around 4km and with the heat in Las Vegas, far from a pleasant walk.

For those who have not had the opportunity to visit a Wholefoods, it is quite an experience. Especially if you like organic, or have any special dietary requirements, you would like them. The store is the size of a supermarket but with a focus on organic and special requirements. For lunch, I got a vegetable fried rice, sweet potato wedges, and broccoli and cheddar soup.

Visiting Casinos

After an enjoyable lunch and a look around some of the other nearby stores, I caught the bus to the other end of the Las Vegas Strip. I started with a walk through Encore and Wynn Casinos. They seem to be two of the high end classy and maybe even more expensive casinos here.

Las Vegas - Wynn Las Vegas - Encore

Fashion Show Mall

The other feature at this end of the strip is a large shopping centre called Fashion Show Mall. Here there are over 250 shops, with a good mix of stores. If you are looking for shopping that is not mixed into a casino than I would suggest heading here. Although there are some other options off the strip, this might be the better option if you are looking to stay on the strip.

Las Vegas - Fashion Show Mall

Treasure Island & Mirage

Next on my list was a visit to Treasure Island and Mirage casinos. I had hoped that I would time this right to coincide with the time of the free shows that are here.

At Treasure Island, there is a pirate show. The show includes two ships in a small man-made lakes with around a dozen performers. Only running a couple of times a day and I had not managed to time it right in the past. I am glad that I was able to see this as it is quite a good show and runs for around 20 minutes with a little pyrotechnics involved.

Las Vegas - Treasure Island Pirate Ship

The other show I wanted to see if at the Mirage. The show is much shorter around five minutes in length and is very much focused on the pyrotechnics. Worth stopping for but something you only need to see once.

Las Vegas - Mirage Casino Volcano

Venetian & Palazzo

The final two stops that I wanted to make this evening were at the Venetian and Palazzo casinos. The Venetian is very much themed on Venice, with the Grand Canal and gondolas. But I found it also to be one of them that least created a realistic illusion for me.

Las Vegas - Venetian Casino Entrance Las Vegas - Palazzo Casino

Couch Surfing

Although tonight was my last in Last Vegas for this trip, I did take another chance to meet some more Couch Surfers. The last two days have seen me meet more Couch Surfers than other times. That is without attending an actual meeting or gathering. Tomorrow I will be heading to Seattle for an overnight stop. With the following day being a short trip wouth again to spend a few days in Portland, Oregon.

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